How long is the cargo area of a Honda CR-V?

How long is the cargo area of a Honda CR-V?

Shoulder Room (front/rear) — 57.9 inches / 55.6 inches. Hiproom (front/rear) — 55.1 inches / 49.5 inches. Cargo Space Behind Row 2 — 39.2 cubic feet. Max Cargo Space — 75.8 cubic feet.

How big is the cargo space in a Honda CRV?

39.2 cubic feet
The CR-V interior dimensions let you comfortably accommodate five adult passengers. And, when it comes to carrying cargo, you can enjoy a dedicated 39.2 cubic feet of cargo space which extends to 75.8 cubic feet with the rear seats folded down.

How big is the interior of a 2015 Honda CRV?

Used 2015 Honda CR-V SUV Specs & Features

EPA interior volume 136.7 cu.ft.
Height 65.1 in.
Length 179.4 in.
Maximum cargo capacity 70.9 cu.ft.

What size mattress fits in Honda CRV?

Given the cargo dimensions of the Honda CR-V You should be able to fit a twin mattress without any trouble. When all rear seats are folded down, the total volume of cargo space iS75. 8 cubic feet. The rear seats are spring-loaded and auto-folding.

How long is the cargo space in a 2016 Honda CR-V?

37.2 cubic feet
The 2016 CR-V has 37.2 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats up and 70.9 with them folded down, which are excellent totals for the class. A power liftgate is available.

Will a sheet of plywood fit in a Honda CR-V?

Generally speaking, no you will probably need a roof rack or other hauling item to be able to haul sheets of plywood with a CRV.

How wide is a 2015 Honda CRV?

2015 Honda CR-V/Width

How long is the cargo space in a 2016 Honda CRV?

Can you fit a couch in a Honda CRV?

The rear seat is at a 60/40 split and allows for greater versatility with seating and cargo arrangements. Fold down the rear seats completely flat for the most cargo space, that is large enough to even fit a small couch.

How wide is a 2016 Honda CR-V?

2016 Honda CR-V/Width

What are the dimensions of a 2016 Honda CRV?

179″ L x 72″ W x 65″ H
2016 Honda CR-V/Dimensions

What is a Honda CR-V considered to be?

The Honda CR-V is a compact crossover SUV manufactured by Japanese automaker Honda since 1995 and introduced in the North American market in 1997. It uses the Honda Civic platform with an SUV body design. The CR-V is Honda’s mid-range utility vehicle, slotting between the smaller Honda HR-V and the larger North American market Honda Pilot.

What comes standard on a Honda CR-V?

What Features Come Standard on the Honda CR-V? Safety standards. Every Honda CR-V comes equipped with a variety of safety basics. Performance standards. The 2020 Honda CR-V brings plenty of power, fuel economy, and capability under the hood. Comfort and infotainment standards. Driver assistance and technology standards. Trim levels bring added features and benefits.

Does the Honda CR-V have AWD?

Yes! The 2019 Honda CR-V is a compact SUV which features AWD performance for any challenging conditions you encounter while traveling the streets of Johnson City. No matter which trim level catches your eye, you will have the option to upgrade to the Real Time AWD with Intelligent Control System™ for your Hendersonville commute.

Does the Honda CR-V have 3rd-row seating?

In short, the Honda CR-V does not have 3rd-row seating . However, Honda does have options for drivers that are looking for a suitable 3-row vehicle for their life. For drivers looking for a larger Honda vehicle with three rows of seating, the Honda Pilot and the Honda Odyssey are both great options.