Who are inhabitants?

Who are inhabitants?

Definition of inhabitant : one that occupies a particular place regularly, routinely, or for a period of time inhabitants of large cities the tapeworm is an inhabitant of the intestine.

What does it mean when a person is inhabitant?

noun. a person or animal that is a permanent resident of a particular place or region.

What kind of word is inhabitants?

What type of word is ‘inhabitants’? Inhabitants is a noun – Word Type.

What are inhabitants kids?

A population is the number of living people that live together in the same place. A city’s population is the number of people living in that city. These people are called inhabitants or residents. The population includes all individuals that live in that certain area.

What literally mean original inhabitants?

Adivasis – the term literally means ‘original inhabitants’ – are communities who lived, and often continue to live, in close association with forests.

Who is prominent inhabitant?

Prominent is defined as someone who is known by many people. An example of prominent is a famous or well-known writer. adjective. 24.

Is inhabitants a real word?

the plural of inhabitant.

What is the difference between habitants and inhabitants?

Habitant can mean the same thing as inhabitant, but it also has a completely different (and more specific) meaning: a Canadian farmer with French origins. More specifically habitant refers to a person of French origin who settled in (migrated to) Canada a long time ago and worked as a farmer.

Who are prominent inhabitants?

Prominent is defined as someone who is known by many people. An example of prominent is a famous or well-known writer. adjective. 24. 5.

What does inhabitant mean in the Bible?

(tr) to live or dwell in; occupy.

What are synonyms for inhabitants?

In this page you can discover 33 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for inhabitant, like: occupant, resident, denizen, habitant, dweller, native, colonist, settler, renter, occupier and permanent-resident.

What is the synonym of inhabited?

locate, occupy, populate, possess, reside, abide, crash, dwell, indwell, live, lodge, park, people, perch, roost, settle, squat, stay, tenant.

What is the meaning of inhabited and uninhabited?

inhabited – having inhabitants; lived in; “the inhabited regions of the earth” uninhabited – not having inhabitants; not lived in; “an uninhabited island”; “gaping doors of uninhabited houses” Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection. © 2003-2012 Princeton University, Farlex Inc.

What does human inhabitants mean?

Human population refers to the number of people living in a particular area, from a village to the world as a whole. A secondary meaning of population is the inhabitants themselves, but in most uses population means numbers.

What is synonym for inhabitants?

Synonyms for Inhabitant: n. • community, countryman, citizenry, compatriot. •inhabitant (noun) incumbent, lodger, population, dweller, citizen, populace, native, resident, inmate, occupant, denizen, tenant, aboriginal. •occupant (noun) occupier, householder, squatter, colonist, renter, boarder, roomer, settler.

What does inhabitance mean?

Inhabitant(noun) one who dwells or resides permanently in a place, as distinguished from a transient lodger or visitor; as, an inhabitant of a house, a town, a city, county, or state. Inhabitant(noun) one who has a legal settlement in a town, city, or parish; a permanent resident.