Was the Ford Tempo a good car?

Was the Ford Tempo a good car?

The Ford Tempo is a mediocre econemy car. It tends to understeer around corners often. It has zero power and is very slow. The interior is bland with grays and grays.

When did they stop making the Ford Tempo?


Ford Tempo
Manufacturer Ford
Also called Ford Ghia Ford Topaz Mercury Topaz
Production 1983–1994
Model years 1984–1994

How much is a Ford Tempo?

About the Ford Tempo

Coupe Original MSRP/Price Drive
Tempo 2dr GL $10885 / $10006 FWD
Tempo 2dr SRS GL $10885 / $10006 FWD

What is a Tempo vehicle?

Tempo (also known as Vidal & Sohn Tempo-Werke GmbH), was a German automobile manufacturer based in Hamburg. The company was well known in Germany, producing popular vans like the Matador and the Hanseat. Tempo also produced small military vehicles during the 1930s and 1940s.

What kind of car is a sable?

Mercury Sable
The Mercury Sable is a range of automobiles manufactured and marketed by the Mercury brand of Ford Motor Company….

Mercury Sable
Model years 1986–2005 2008–2009
Body and chassis
Class Mid-size car (MY 1986–2005) Full-size car (MY 2008–2009)

What replaced the Ford Contour?

End Of the Contour The Contour (alongside the Ford Escort) were replaced by the Focus as Ford’s compact car.

What was Mercury version of Ford Tempo?

The Mercury Topaz was the replacement for Mercury’s boxy old Zephyr. The Topaz was introduced in mid-1983 as a 1984 model. as an upscale twin to the Ford Tempo. The compact Topaz and Tempo were early examples of the design philosophy that would bring about the revolutionary 1986 Mercury Sable.

Are Ford Tempos rare?

Today’s Rare Ride is an example of a vehicle that was fairly common in the early Nineties. However, the passage of time is never kind to low-value and oft-forgotten economy cars, so survivors like this little blue Tempo are quite a find.

What is a 1994 Ford Tempo worth?

1994 Ford Tempo trade-in prices range from $113 – $821. Get a more accurate value for your car with the Edmunds appraisal tool.

How much is a 1993 Ford Tempo?

1993 Ford Tempo trade-in prices range from $112 – $808.

How many wheels does a Tempo have?

1924: The year when Tempo came into existence The tempo is not just a filthy vehicle with a random number of seats on four wheels. It actually dates back to 1924 when Vidal & Sohn Tempo-Werke was found in Germany. This company started building vehicles such as Viking and Matador.

What is the price of Matador?

MTDR Price Statistics

Matador Token Price $0.000000004404
24h Low / 24h High $0.0000000041 / $0.00000000511
Trading Volume24h $600.38 51.36%
Volume / Market Cap No Data
Market Dominance No Data

What kind of car is a Ford Tempo?

The Ford Tempo is a two-door coupe and four-door sedan produced by the Ford Motor Company from 1984 to 1994. It was the successor to the Ford Fairmont, and was replaced in 1994 by the Ford Contour. The Tempo was part of a rejuvenation by Ford to offer more environmentally friendly, fuel efficient,…

Is the Tempo front wheel drive or all wheel drive?

The Tempo and Topaz were based on a stretched version of the front-wheel-drive platform used on the Ford Escort, but with radical new bodies. Being based on the Escort meant the Tempo and Topaz, unlike their Fairmont and Zephyr predecessors, were front-wheel drive.

What is the difference between the Ford Tempo and Mercury Topaz?

The Ford Tempo and its twin, the Mercury Topaz, are compact cars that were produced by the Ford Motor Company for model years 1984 to 1994. They were downsized successors to the boxy Ford Fairmont and Mercury Zephyr twins.

What year did Ford stop making the tempo AWD?

Sadly for Ford, the luxury appointments weren’t enough to make the Tempo AWD a big seller in the pre-Subaru and AWD crossover world. It lasted only through 1991, which was the final model year of the 1988 bodywork. Trim rework occurred for 1992 as all models swapped black trim for body colored, plus other small changes.