What happened to the dog in See Spot Run?

What happened to the dog in See Spot Run?

Hero Dog The superdog, Agent 11, is played by 5 Bull Mastiffs named Buster, Bob, Charlie, Tyson, and Golith. Agent 11 busts a mob smuggling operation and inadvertently attacks the Don, played by Paul Sorvino. The injury is incurred when the dog bites the crotch of the gang boss.

Who owns Seespot run?

Heidi Strock – Owner / Lead Creative – See Spot Run Entertainment | LinkedIn.

When did the movie See Spot Run come out?

February 25, 2001 (USA)
See Spot Run/Release date

What rating is See Spot Run?

See Spot Run/MPAA rating

SEE SPOT RUN is rated-PG and heavily marketed to kids, but in the first ten minutes, the title character pooch bites off a bad guy’s testicle.

What breed of dog is See Spot Run?

See Spot Run is a 2001 American comedy film about a mailman who takes in a stray bullmastiff, the titular Spot, only to learn that he is a trained FBI dog that has escaped from a witness protection program and is targeted for attacking a crime boss.

What does SPOT RUN mean?

The sentence tells you to see [=look at] Spot, and to watch him [=Spot] run.

What kind of dog is See Spot Run?

What kind of dog is Agent 11?

Agent 11 is a crime-fighting bullmastiff used by the FBI; he partners with his master, Murdoch (Michael Clarke Duncan), in Seattle.

What does C Spot Run mean?

C-SPOT RUN is a broad-spectrum spot remover for carpets, fabrics, upholstery and laundry. Use C-SPOT RUN for routine or emergency maintenance in hotels and motels, hospitals, office and institutional buildings and anywhere there is carpeting.

What is the price of a bullmastiff puppy?

The price of a well-bred Bullmastiff will vary from $1,000 – $2,000. Factors influencing a puppy’s price tag include the puppy’s origin, whether the pup is male or female as well as which titles the parents hold. In addition, a puppy placed for this price should arrive from a clean and loving home.

What kind of dog was spot?

Along with his friends Tom, Steve, Helen, and Clare – as well as his mum Sally – Spot is a playful beagle that gets into mischief, his stories primarily aimed at children under five. In 2008, John Travolta surprised us all when he brilliantly voiced the deluded yet adorable Disney protagonist, Bolt.

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