Why was Annie Easley work important?

Why was Annie Easley work important?

Easley’s work with the Centaur project helped lay the technological foundations for future space shuttle launches and launches of communication, military and weather satellites. Her work contributed to the 1997 flight to Saturn of the Cassini probe, the launcher of which had the Centaur as its upper stage.

What are some achievements of Annie Easley?

She developed and implemented code used in researching energy-conversion systems, analyzing alternative power technology—including the battery technology that was used for early hybrid vehicles, as well as for the Centaur upper-stage rocket.

What inspired Annie Easley?

Easley was brought up by a single mum who encouraged her by telling her as far as she worked for anything, she could do it. She had a 6 years older brother. Annie was a founding member and the NASA Lewis Ski Club’s president where she served for one term.

How did Annie Easley get into math?

When human computers were replaced by machines, Easley evolved along with the technology. In the 1970s, Easley returned to school to earn her degree in mathematics from Cleveland State, doing much of her coursework while also working full time.

Is Annie Easley hidden figure?

Besides Katherine, Dorothy and Mary – there were hundreds of other African-American women who worked at Nasa during the 60s. Annie Easley was one of the first African-Americans to work as a computer scientist at Nasa. Who were the hidden figures? Three of these women were Katherine, Dorothy and Mary.

Did Annie Easley have any hobbies?

Easley retired from NASA in December 1989. She skied, played tennis, and volunteered. She worked part-time in real estate and occasionally tutored.

What was Annie Easley biggest accomplishments?

She worked on Centaur technology at NASA — a high-energy rocket technology that uses liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen to boost rockets into space. She also co-authored numerous papers about nuclear engines in rockets and she worked on solar, wind and energy projects.

What caused Annie Easley’s death?

Natural causes
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How did Annie Easley face discrimination?

In addition to her contributions to aeronautics, Annie played a vital role in the fight against discrimination. When literacy tests were required for African-Americans to vote, Annie tutored others on how to pass.

What struggles did Annie Easley face?

She related a story of being photographed, along with her co-workers, for NASA promotional photographs. She was humiliated to find that, no matter where the photos were used, she was cut out of them. She was denied financial aid that NASA gave to other employees to pay for additional college courses.

Is Annie Easley a hidden figure?

Although Easley never had a movie made of her life, she was a hidden figure in her own right as a barrier-breaking mathematician and rocket scientist who worked on countless NASA projects for over 30 years. Annie Jean Easley was born in 1933 and raised by her single mother in Birmingham, Alabama.

What is Annie Easley nationality?

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