Why are Innocent smoothies called Innocent?

Why are Innocent smoothies called Innocent?

One of the challenges was finding a suitable name that captured the natural, healthy spirit of the brand. This alone took nine months, as they came up with all sorts of names – including Fast Tractor, Hungry Aphid, Nude and Naked, before they finally decided on the name Innocent.

Do Innocent smoothies go off?

Our smoothies will last happily out of the fridge for up to 12 hours, so they’re perfect for packed lunches and days out.

Are Innocent smoothies sustainable?

Innocent boasts several green initiatives, from selling all its smoothies in recycled plastic bottles to using Rainforest Alliance-certified bananas. It also has its own charitable foundation, which funds projects “building sustainable futures for the world’s poorest people.”

Are Innocent juices healthy?

In the study by Oxford Brookes Functional Food Centre, the strawberry and banana and mango and passion fruit Innocent smoothies were found to have a low GI value, meaning the naturally found sugars were absorbed slowly by the body deeming them no more harmful than the impact of eating an apple on blood glucose levels.

Why is Innocent so expensive?

Innocent tends not to source fruit in the UK because fruit grown locally is usually grown for fresh market and is, therefore, more expensive. This will further raise the cost of raw materials from Europe and increase the costs of exporting smoothies out of the UK.

Is it OK to freeze Naked Juice?

Yes, you can freeze for later because I do it. My bottles never burst in the freezer. Question: Can you buy Naked by case?

Can you drink out of date Innocent smoothie?

That means it’s safe to eat after the date, but might not be at its best in terms of quality. Innocent orange juice also used to have a ‘use by’ date on their packs, but now have a ‘best before’ date.

Is Innocent Drinks ethical?

Innocent, on the other hand, has a carefully cultivated and cleverly marketed ethical brand image, differentiating it from competitors. It claims to provide a natural and healthy product, donates 10 percent of its profits to charity every year and is on target to use wholly recycled bottles by June 2007.

Is Innocent ethical?

As the name would suggest, Innocent aims to use natural, healthy ingredients in their products and espouse key values of healthy eating and sustainability. The brand itself is built on these values and has taken a number of simple steps to ensure the company lives up to its ethical claims.