Who won the first Battle of Ypres?

Who won the first Battle of Ypres?

First Battle of Ypres
Date 19 October – 22 November 1914 Location Ypres, Belgium50.8641°N 2.8956°E Result Indecisive
France Belgium United Kingdom German Empire
Commanders and leaders

Who won the Second Battle of the Masurian Lakes?

Second Battle of the Masurian Lakes
Date 7–22 February 1915 Location East Prussia, German Empire (present-day Poland) Result German victory
German Empire Russian Empire
Commanders and leaders

Where was the first Battle of the Masurian Lakes?

Masurian Lake DistrictEast Prussia
First Battle of the Masurian Lakes/Locations

Who won Battle of Verdun?

Battle of Verdun

Date 21 February – 18 December 1916 (9 months, 3 weeks and 6 days)
Location Région Fortifiée de Verdun (RFV) Verdun-sur-Meuse, France 49°12′29″N 5°25′19″E
Result French victory

Who lost the first battle of Ypres?

The French lost at least 50,000 at Ypres, while the Belgians suffered more than 20,000 casualties at the Yser and Ypres. A month of fighting at Ypres cost the Germans more than 130,000 casualties, a staggering total that would ultimately pale before later actions on the Western Front.

Who won the battle of the Somme?

More of The Somme The Battle of the Somme (1 July – 18 November 1916) was a joint operation between British and French forces intended to achieve a decisive victory over the Germans on the Western Front after 18 months of trench deadlock.

Who won the Battle of Masurian Lakes?

First Battle of the Masurian Lakes

Date 7–14 September 1914
Location East Prussia, Germany (present-day Poland)
Result German victory Russian ejection from East Prussia

Who won the Second Battle of Tannenberg?

Battle of Tannenberg

Date 26–30 August 1914
Location Near Allenstein, East Prussia, German Empire (present-day Poland) 53°29′45″N 20°08′4″ECoordinates: 53°29′45″N 20°08′4″E
Result Decisive German victory Near destruction of the Russian 1st and 2nd Armies Russia retreats from East Prussia

When was the second Battle of Masurian Lakes?

February 7, 1915 – February 22, 1915
Second Battle of the Masurian Lakes/Periods

Which early Battle marked the first major German defeat?

First Battle of the Marne
1,082,000 64 French divisions 6 British divisions 900,000 51 German divisions
Casualties and losses
250,000 (including 80,000 dead) 13,000 (including 1,700 dead) 250,000 (including 67,700 dead)

Was the Battle of Verdun successful?

Ultimately, the French resistance at Verdun proved a turning point, halting the German advance. The heavy German losses at Verdun combined with even greater casualties suffered on the Somme also created a manpower crisis within the German army that would become increasingly difficult to resolve as the war progressed.

Did the British fight in the Battle of Verdun?

It was hoped that a swift British victory here would force the Germans to remove troops from the Verdun area. However, like the French, the British got involved in a battle that was to last months rather than days.

What happened in the First Battle of the Masurian Lakes?

First Battle of the Masurian Lakes. The First Battle of the Masurian Lakes was a German offensive in the Eastern Front during the early stages of World War I. It pushed the Russian First Army back across its entire front, eventually ejecting it from Germany.

What happened at the Battle of Mława in September 1939?

General staff of the German 8th Army during the battle. On 4 September, Hans von der Goltz’s East Prussian Army of the South, attacked Mława, which was captured by the 1st Landwehr Division, and 35th Reserve Infantry Division, on 5 Sept.

What was the result of the Battle of Gumbinnen?

These reached Gumbinnen the next day, and Stallupönen on the 13th. The remains of the First Army retreated to the safety of their own border forts. Likewise, the Tenth Army was forced back into Russia. German casualties were about 10,000, Russians 100,000-125,000.