Who won the 1987 Indy 500?

Who won the 1987 Indy 500?

Al Unser, Sr.
1987 Indianapolis 500

Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Indianapolis 500
Date May 24, 1987
Winner Al Unser, Sr.
Winning team Penske Racing

Who won the Indianapolis 500 in 1986?

Bobby Rahal
Bobby Rahal was the winner, becoming the first driver in Indy history to complete the 500 miles (800 km) in less than three hours.

What is Helio Castroneves doing now?

4-time Indy 500 winner Helio Castroneves will be back in IndyCar full-time in 2022. Helio Castroneves will be back in IndyCar full-time in 2022. Fresh off his fourth Indy 500 win, Castroneves will drive the No. 06 AutoNation/ SiriusXM Honda for Meyer Shank Racing next season, the team announced Thursday.

Who was the oldest driver to win the Indy 500?

Al Unser
Who is the oldest winner of the Indianapolis 500? A. Al Unser was 47 years, 360 days old when he won the 71st Indianapolis 500 on May 24, 1987.

What years did Al Unser win the Indy 500?

Al Unser, byname of Alfred Unser, (born May 29, 1939, Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.), American automobile-racing driver from a prestigious family of drivers, who won the Indianapolis 500 four times (1970–71, 1978, and 1987).

What year did Bobby Rahal win the Indy 500?

He was one of the greatest automobile racers to participate in the CART series. He won three championships and twenty-four separate races. In 1986, Rahal won the Indianapolis 500.

How did Bobby Rahal make his money?

Bobby Rahal net worth: Bobby Rahal is an American auto racing driver who has a net worth of $80 million. Bobby Rahal first became famous as an American auto racing driver and team owner, who won three championships and 24 races in the CART open-wheel series, including the 1986 Indianapolis 500.

How old is Helio retired?

age 46
FORT LAUERDALE — As an internationally recognized and beloved sports figure who has retired, unretired, performed in a TV dance competition and still keeps risking his life for the sport he loves at age 46, what keeps Helio Castroneves motivated?

Who are the Penske drivers?

Sports car racing

Founded 1965
Current drivers Juan Pablo Montoya Dane Cameron Helio Castroneves Ricky Taylor Simon Pagenaud Alexander Rossi
Drivers’ Championships 7 (’06, ’07, ’08 ALMS, ’72, ’73 Can-Am, ’67, ’68 USRRC)

Has anyone won the Indy 500 more than 4 times?

From left, A.J. Foyt, Al Unser, Rick Mears and Helio Castroneves pose for a portrait Tuesday, July 20, 2021, at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. All four men have won the Indianapolis 500 four times. Foyt’s wins came in 1961, 1964, 1967 and 1977. Unser’s wins came in 1970, 1971, 1978 and 1987.

What was the highest average speed for a winner at Indianapolis?

Aside from being a two-time winner of the Indianapolis 500, Luyendyk holds the IMS one- and four-lap speed records, and his average speed over 500 miles of 185.981 mph in 1990 is a mark that is unlikely to ever be broken.

How many times has Al Unser Jr won the Indianapolis 500?

The Unsers are the most successful family in the history of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, with a total of nine victories in the Indianapolis 500.

Who really won the first Indy 500?

The first Indianapolis 500 race was won by Ray Harroun in 1911.

Who was the first person to win the Indy 500?

The first Indianapolis 500 was held in 1911, where Ray Harroun was declared the first winner, driving the Marmon Wasp .

Who are four time winners of Indy 500?

Ray Harroun. We have to commemorate the very first winner of this race who used an invention which he came up with to win that very first race.

  • Wilbur Shaw. Mr.
  • A.J. Foyt.
  • Rick Mears. Mears was the last man to win the Indianapolis 500 four times,three of those wins came in different decades.
  • Bobby Unser.
  • Al Unser Sr.
  • Al Unser Jr.
  • Dario Franchitti.
  • Who was the youngest driver to win the Indy 500?

    Troy Ruttman (born March 11, 1930 in Mooreland, Oklahoma – May 19, 1997) was an American race car driver. He was the older brother of NASCAR driver Joe Ruttman , Jerry Ruttman & Jimmie Ruttman. Ruttman won the Indianapolis 500 in 1952, at the age of 22 years and 80 days. As of 2018, he is the youngest winner of the race.