Who were the main generals in the Battle of Fredericksburg?

Who were the main generals in the Battle of Fredericksburg?

Battle of Fredericksburg
United States (Union) Confederate States
Commanders and leaders
Ambrose E. Burnside George G. Meade Winfield S. Hancock Robert E. Lee Thomas J. Jackson James Longstreet
Units involved

Who commanded the Union Army of the Potomac at the Battle of Fredericksburg?

Ambrose Burnside
Ambrose Burnside, the newly appointed commander of the Army of the Potomac, had ordered his more than 120,000 troops to cross the Rappahannock River, where they made a two-pronged attack on the right and left flanks of Robert E. Lee’s 80,000-strong Army of Northern Virginia at Fredericksburg.

Who won the battle of Fredericksburg during the Civil War?

The Confederacy
Who won the Battle of Fredericksburg? The Confederacy won an overwhelming victory. The 3 to 1 casualty ratio was one of the most lopsided of the war for major battles. Burnside was forced to cancel his advance and withdraw back across the Rappahannock.

Who had the advantage in the battle of Fredericksburg?

The Battle of Fredericksburg was a major defeat for the Union Army. Although the Union vastly outnumbered the Confederates (120,000 Union men to 85,000 Confederate men) they suffered over twice as many casualties (12,653 to 5,377).

Who was the youngest general in the Civil War?

Galusha Pennypacker
Galusha Pennypacker, a native of Chester County, Pennsylvania, became at age 22* the youngest general to serve in the Civil War.

What happened in Fredericksburg during the Civil War?

On December 13, 1862, Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia repulses a series of attacks by General Ambrose Burnside’s Army of the Potomac at Fredericksburg, Virginia. The army moved quickly down the Rappahannock, but then stalled across the river from Fredericksburg.

Who won the Second Battle of Fredericksburg?

The Union
Who won the Second Battle of Fredericksburg? The Union. Hooker succeeded in drawing most of Lee’s army west to Chancellorsville. After three attempts Sedgwick was able to overrun and capture the Confederate position on Marye’s Heights that seemed so invincible in December.

What regiments fought in the Battle of Fredericksburg?

Right Grand Division

  • II Corps.
  • IX Corps.
  • Cavalry Division.
  • III Corps.

Who took the place of Stonewall Jackson on Lee’s staff?

General J. E. B. Stuart
He was taken from the field and General J. E. B. Stuart (1833-64) took over his command. Doctors determined that a bullet had shattered the bone just below his left shoulder, and they quickly amputated Jackson’s left arm.

Who was the worst general in the American Civil War?

Braxton Bragg

General Braxton Bragg
Allegiance United States Confederate States
Service/branch United States Army Confederate States Army
Years of service 1837–1856 (USA) 1861–1865 (CSA)
Rank Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel (USA) General (CSA)

Who was the meanest general in the Civil War?

He saw extensive combat during his 34-year military career, fighting actions in the Black Hawk War, the Texas War of Independence, the Mexican–American War, the Utah War, and the American Civil War….Albert Sidney Johnston.

General Albert Sidney Johnston
Service/branch United States Army Texian Army Confederate States Army

Where did the Battle of Fredericksburg take place?

Spotsylvania County
Battle of Fredericksburg/Locations