Who owns Gloria Jeans in Pakistan?

Who owns Gloria Jeans in Pakistan?

Gloria Jean’s Owner Ali Athar told Daily Times there was no coffee shop within eight kilometres radius around the airport, adding that the decision behind opening this franchise was taken after observing the demand of coffee lovers in the area.

Who owns Gloria Jeans?

Diedrich Coffee
Gloria Jean’s Coffees/Parent organizations

What do Gloria Jeans sell?

Gloria Jean’s Gourmet Coffee Pty Ltd is an American-Australian retail coffeehouse chain company that operates more than 1,400 coffee houses in 40 countries, including over 460 in Australia.

How can I get Gloria Jeans franchise?

The investment required to start up a Gloria Jean’s Coffee franchise in Pakistan is around Rs. 30 million. This includes a non-refundable store opening fee, equipment, build up, materials and other set up costs. Once established, ongoing royalties are charged at 8.5% of sales.

How many Gloria Jeans are in Pakistan?

With over 23 outlets all of Pakistan, Gloria Jeans is Pakistan’s biggest café franchise and it has achieved that by serving and maintaining top notch quality menu and customer service.

What country is Gloria Jeans from?

Long Grove, IL
Gloria Jean’s Coffees/Place founded
OUR STORY | Gloria Jeans Coffees – Australia. Did you know the first Gloria Jean’s opened in a small town outside of Chicago in 1979? Gloria Jean Kvetko was a determined young mum from Chicago with a dream to own a coffee shop where she could combine her passion for caffeine and meeting people.

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Where did Gloria Jeans start?