Who did Natalie Sawyer marry?

Who did Natalie Sawyer marry?

Sam Matterfacem.?–2014
Natalie Sawyer/Spouse
Personal life. She was married to former Sky Sports News colleague Sam Matterface and they have a son named Sawyer, born on 28 October 2010.

Where is Natalie Sawyer now?

After leaving Sky Sports, Natalie presented a podcast for The Times, and the 41-year-old is currently a host on talkSPORT.

Who is Sam Matterface partner?

Natalie Sawyerm.?–2014
Sam Matterface/Spouse

Who does Sam Matterface support?

Chelsea F.C.
Matterface is a supporter of Chelsea F.C.. Matterface was previously married to former Sky Sports colleague Natalie Sawyer with whom he has a child.

Who is Jess Creighton?

Jessica Creighton is an award-winning broadcaster and journalist who has worked in the industry for over a decade, for world renown organisations like BBC Sport, Radio Five Live, BT Sport, TalkSPORT and more recently Sky Sports.

Who is Stef Matterface?

Samuel Peter Matterface (born 21 April 1978) is an English sports broadcaster currently working for TalkSPORT and ITV Sport.

How old is Sam Matterface?

43 years (April 21, 1978)
Sam Matterface/Age

Is Sam Matterface a Chelsea fan?

Matterface is a supporter of Chelsea F.C.. Matterface was previously married to former Sky Sports colleague Natalie Sawyer with whom he has a child.

Who is Lynsey Hooper?

Hooper has extensive experience as a reporter and presenter, working across women’s and men’s football, and is also a familiar face on Premier League Productions as well as being a co-founder of the award-winning podcast, The Offside Rule. …

Who is Emma Paton?

Emma Paton is a television presenter, reporter and journalist, best known as an anchor on Sky Sports News. Initially joining Sky Sports in 2012, Emma has worked her way up to become a mainstay on screen for Sky Sports News viewers and can be seen most days in the studio.

Who is Bianca Westwood?

Bianca Westwood was born on 11th March 1975 in the United Kingdom. By profession, she is a professional sports reporter who has worked for the SKY network & has a successful career to date. Bianca went to Epping Forest College from 1990 to 1992.

Is Emma Saunders married?

Emma Saunders with son Charlie and husband Jared.

Who is Natalie Sawyer from Sky Sports?

The Background of Hollywood SportsWorldwide sports station Sky Sports, Sky broadcasting tv presenter who functioned on displays like ‘Sky Sports News’ and famed for ability and her voice of presenting, yes she’s the sportscaster diva Natalie Sawyer.

What is the net worth of Natalie Sawyer?

Natalie has collected a net worth of about $1.5 million working as a presenter and journalist covering various news. Her curvaceous body is best seen when she appears on screen in short skirts and shirts, revealing more of her legs and Bust. Sawyer is a fan of Brentford FC.

When did Sawyer Matterface have her baby?

The couple wed over decades however, the woman declared her pregnant at mid-2010 and she gave a baby boy, called Sawyer Matterface to a birth. However there was rumors of her, she’s been relationship with the anonymous boyfriend.

Who is Susanna Sawyer?

Sawyer is a fan of Brentford FC. The club featured her in an advertisement campaign in 2012, that saw her image used on a bus in an effort to promote their ticket prices. Although she is a public figure, her personal life is not quite known to us.