Where do you stop on the way to Melbourne from Adelaide?

Where do you stop on the way to Melbourne from Adelaide?

STOP 1: Melbourne.

  • STOP 2: Werribee.
  • STOP 3: Geelong.
  • STOP 4: Lorne.
  • STOP 5: Apollo Bay.
  • STOP 6: Warrnambool.
  • STOP 7: Mount Gambier.
  • STOP 8: Adelaide.
  • What is Highway between Adelaide and Melbourne?

    The Western Highway is the Victorian part of the principal route linking the Australian cities of Melbourne and Adelaide, with a length of approximately 258 kilometres (160 mi) of single carriageway, then 161 kilometres (100 mi) of dual carriageway known as the Western Freeway.

    What town is halfway between Adelaide and Melbourne?

    The city at the geographic halfway point from Adelaide, Australia to Melbourne, Australia is Nhill, Australia.

    How long is the Great Ocean Road from Adelaide to Melbourne?

    about 12.5 hours
    The total distance from Adelaide to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road is just under 1,000km, which takes about 12.5 hours to drive. (Note that it is quicker to take the inland route if you’re in a hurry, but this guide is all about the coastal attractions!)

    How long does it take to drive from Melbourne to Adelaide?

    8-9 hours
    Minimum drive time from Melbourne to Adelaide is 8-9 hours (probably longer with children as you will need to make more stops) and it’s over 700 km. Going through Robe make the scenery nicer but increases the drive to over 850 km.

    Where should I go between Melbourne and Adelaide?

    Scenic Attractions from Melbourne to Adelaide

    • The Otways and the Great Ocean Road.
    • Sovereign Hill, Ballarat.
    • The Grampians National Park.
    • Mount Gambier, South Australia.
    • The Wine Region of Coonawarra.
    • Naracoorte Caves National Park.
    • Victor Harbour and the Granite Island.
    • Kangaroo Island, Lake Alexandrina, and Lake Albert.

    How long is Western Highway?

    130.5 mi
    Great Western Highway/Length

    Is the M1 in Melbourne a toll road?

    CityLink consists of three tolled roads: Southern Link (M1) – Monash Freeway between Power Street (Southbank) and Toorak Road (Malvern). It includes the Domain and Burnley Tunnels. Western Link (M2) – Tullamarine Freeway between West Gate Freeway (Port Melbourne) and Bell Street (Strathmore).

    Why is Adelaide called the 20 minute city?

    Adelaide is known as the “20 minute city” because any major point in the city can be reached within 20 minutes. The capital of South Australia, Adelaide was established as a free city, and was the only Australian capital city founded by free settlers (not as a convict colony).

    How far apart are Melbourne and Adelaide?

    Distance To Melbourne From Adelaide is: 406 miles / 653.39 km / 352.8 nautical miles.

    How long does it take to drive from Adelaide to Melbourne?

    How long do you need for the Great Ocean Road drive? The Great Ocean Road is approximately 200km so it can be driven in 1-2 days, however, if you’re doing the whole route from Adelaide to Melbourne or vice versa, allow at least 5-7 days to take it slow get the most of out of the journey.

    Can you drive the Great Ocean Road in one day?

    Travel tips for the Great Ocean Road Drive The Great Ocean Road can be done in a day, by using our suggested tour itinerary you can see as much as possible.