Where did the baby come from at the end of Lois and Clark?

Where did the baby come from at the end of Lois and Clark?

Turns out he was Kryptonian royalty, stashed by his mother to keep him safe from assassins. In the end he had to (tearfully) leave the only parents he’d ever known (L & C) and return to save his imperiled people. Sounds like it would have been an interesting idea!

Do Clark and Lois have babies?

The couple finally married in Superman: The Wedding Album (Dec. 1996). Clark and Lois’ biological child in DC Comics canon was born in Convergence: Superman #2 (July 2015), a son named Jon Kent, who eventually becomes Superboy.

Will there be Lois and Clark Season 5?

A fifth season of the series was initially announced by ABC. When the network unexpectedly canceled plans for season five, the producers and writers of the show were unprepared. The series ended on a cliffhanger in which Clark and Lois find an infant in their home with a note saying the child belongs to them.

Why was there no Season 5 of Lois and Clark?

But due to the poor ratings of the final few episodes, ABC changed its mind and cancelled the series after Family Hour had aired. As a result, the showrunners were unable to change the outcome of the final episode and the series was left open-ended. Why did Lois & Clark’s ratings drop off?

Was Lois Lane pregnant?

Lois Lane’s pregnancy in Justice League confirmed by Zack Snyder, but, whose baby is it? Snyder, in an interview with the officials at Esquire, quite recently confirmed that Lois Lane indeed had a baby on the way, which can be evidenced by two sequences featuring Amy Adams’ reporter in the film.

Was Lois pregnant Justice League?

Zack Snyder has confirmed Lois Lane is pregnant in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and the movie drops a few subtle hints of this along the way. While Snyder’s confirmation establishes Lois Lane’s pregnancy as a fact, the movie itself alludes to it at several points.