Where did Remus Lupin live as a child?

Where did Remus Lupin live as a child?

Remus as Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, 1993 By the early 1990s, Lupin was living in poverty, in a tumbledown, semi-derelict cottage in Yorkshire.

Where is Remus Lupin from?

Remus Lupin

Remus John Lupin
Born 10 March, 1960, Great Britain
Died 2 May, 1998 (aged 38) Hogwarts Castle, Scotland
Blood status Half-blood
Marital status Married

Where is Lupin cottage located?

Welcome to The Lupine Cottage, A Maine Artist Coop The Lupine Cottage in Belfast, Maine is a co-op of over 50 Maine artists and craftspeople.

Where do Lupin Tonks live?

His journey started in Surrey, and Hagrid apparently took a direct path to the Tonks house. The Tonks family must therefore live somewhere in Southern England, seemingly excluding Surrey and all immediately neighbouring counties (Greater London, Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire).

What curse killed Lupin?

curse Dolohov
This may be the curse Dolohov used to kill Remus Lupin during the Battle of Hogwarts, as it was noted that Remus’s body was peaceful-looking, and this curse was not known to cause any visible signs of damage.

Why is Sirius Black a dog?

The Potters took Sirius in as their own son. Sirius was an animagus and was able to transform into a big black dog, (a Grim) which is an omen of death, at will. He, along with James Potter and Peter Pettigrew became Animagus to help Remus Lupin with his transformations.

What house was Rita Skeeter in?

Rita Skeeter
Biographical information
Animagus Beetle
House Ravenclaw

Whats Ted Tonks house?

Teddy Lupin, on the other hand, has been excelling in Hufflepuff over the last few years, making it all the way to Head Boy of the house. (His mother Tonks was also a Hufflepuff, though his father Remus was a Gryffindor.)

Who killed Fenrir Greyback?

Greyback was also one of the snatchers who caught Harry, Ron and Hermione when they were on their Horcrux quest and took them to the Malfoy mansion. Greyback was wounded but not killed during the Battle of Hogwarts by a crystal ball thrown by Sibyll Trelawney.

Who is Remus wife?

Nymphadora Tonks

Remus Lupin
Spouse Nymphadora Tonks (deceased)
Children Teddy Lupin
Nationality British
House Gryffindor

What is Remus Lupin famous for?

Remus Lupin. Professor Remus John Lupin (10 March, 1960 – 2 May, 1998) was a Welsh werewolf and the Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from September 1993 to June 1994. Biography. Early life. Remus John Lupin was the only child of the wizard Lyall Lupin and his Muggle wife, Hope Howell.

How did Remus Lupin become a werewolf?

Shortly before Remus Lupin’s fifth birthday, as he slept peacefully in his bed, Fenrir Greyback forced open the boy’s window and attacked him. Lyall reached the bedroom in time to save his son’s life, driving Greyback out of the house with a number of powerful curses. However, henceforth, Remus would be a fully fledged werewolf.

What year did Remus Lupin become a professor at Hogwarts?

He became a professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts at during Harry Potter’s third year ( PA5 ), but was unable to continue to the following year when it was revealed that he was a werewolf ( PA22 ). Harry, Hermione and Ron saw Professor Remus J Lupin for the first time on the Hogwarts Express, wearing extremely shabby wizard’s robes.

Is Remus Lupin the most underrated character in Harry Potter?

One of the most underrated characters in the Harry Potter universe has to be Remus Lupin. He was introduced in the third installment in a wider capacity, but then retreated to the sidelines for most of his following appearances. This led to Lupin’s characterization being quite limited, especially in the movies.