Where are the Poconos Mtns?

Where are the Poconos Mtns?

Northeastern Pennsylvania
The Pocono Mountains are located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The 2,400-square-mile area has long been a popular outdoor recreation area boasting hunting, fishing, skiing, and more. The Pocono Mountains are within a two-hour drive of multiple metropolitan areas such as New York and Philadelphia.

Can you drive up Mt Pocono?

The paved drive at Big Pocono State Park leads to the summit of Camelback Mountain. This drive provides bird’s eye autumn views of Pennsylvania, and, on good weather days, New Jersey and New York as well!

How do you get to the Poconos without a car from Philadelphia?

The best way to get from Philadelphia to Pocono Mountains without a car is to train and bus which takes 3h 31m and costs $60 – $200.

Are the Poconos part of the Appalachians?

This includes the Catskill Mountains of Lower New York, the Poconos in Pennsylvania, and the Allegheny Plateau of New York’s Southern Tier region, western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and northern West Virginia. The Eastern Continental Divide follows the Appalachian Mountains from Pennsylvania to Georgia.

What bus goes to the Poconos?

We make sure you can find a bus service from New York to Mount Pocono from the most reliable bus companies operating this trip. Discover how much the bus trip from New York to Mount Pocono will cost you….Information on this bus route.

Daily Buses 2
Bus Companies on This Route Greyhound US

What towns make up the Poconos?

8 Quaint and Cozy Towns in the Poconos to Visit this Fall

  • Delaware Water Gap.
  • Hawley.
  • Honesdale.
  • Jim Thorpe.
  • Lake Wallenpaupack.
  • Milford.
  • Stroudsburg.

Where is the highest point in the Pocono Mountains?

Pocono Mountains/Elevation

What is the highest mountain in the Pocono Mountains?

Camelback Mountain
Pocono Mountains/Highest point

Can you get to the Poconos by train?

There is no direct connection from 30th Street Station to Pocono Mountains. However, you can take the train to Ny Moynihan Train Hall At Penn Station, take the walk to New York, take the bus to Stroudsburg/ Delaware Water Gap, PA, then take the taxi to Pocono Mountains.

Is there a bus that takes you to the Poconos?

The easiest (and cheapest) way to get up to the Poconos is by bus. Greyhound will get you to popular spots like Stroudsburg (just a few miles from the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area) and Mount Pocono (near several resorts, nature preserves, and state parks).

What mountains are in the Poconos?

Camelback Mountain2,133′
Mauch Chunk Ridge1,501′
Pocono Mountains/Mountains

Does a train go to the Poconos?

there is no Amtrak service to the Poconos. The closest you could get on Amtrak is Trenton and that’s still 2 hours by car from Mount Pocono.