When did Jeffrey Osborne come out?

When did Jeffrey Osborne come out?

Osborne put out his self-titled debut album in 1982 and scored two top 40 hits on the pop charts with “On Wings of Love” and “I Really Don’t Need No Light”. His next release “Stay with Me Tonight” proved to be an even bigger success reaching Gold status and going on to claim Platinum certification.

What was Jeffrey Osborne’s biggest hit?

Top Jeffrey Osborne Songs

  • You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song) 39 1986 R&B.
  • Stay with Me Tonight. 40 1983 R&B.
  • Don’t You Get So Mad. 46 1983 R&B. 1983.
  • She’s on the Left. 51 1988 R&B. 1988.
  • Only Human. 62 1991 R&B. 1991.
  • On the Wings of Love. 64 1982 R&B. 1982.
  • Love Power. 65 1987 R&B. 1987.
  • The Last Time I Made Love. 73 1984 R&B. 1984.

How old is Jeffrey?

73 years (March 9, 1948)
Jeffrey Osborne/Age

Who produced Jeffrey Osborne?

George Duke
Jeffrey Osborne (album)

Jeffrey Osborne
Released May 18, 1982
Length 39:40
Label A&M
Producer George Duke

Is Jeffrey Osborne still singing?

Jeffrey Linton Osborne (born March 9, 1948) is an American Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, musician, and lyricist….

Jeffrey Osborne
Instruments Vocals drums
Years active 1970–present
Labels A&M Arista Hip-O Private Music Koch
Associated acts L.T.D.

How old was James Ingram when he passed away?

66 years (1952–2019)
James Ingram/Age at death

Was Jeffrey Osborne a member of Ltd?

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Is Jeffrey Osborne a baritone?

Like Lionel Richie with the Commodores, Osborne talks of only fond memories from his LTD years. “That’s when I developed as a songwriter and vocalist,” he says. I’m a baritone, while most other singers are tenors.

Who is James Ingram brother?

Phillip Ingram
James Ingram/Brothers

Where is James Ingram today?

James Ingram
Died January 29, 2019 (aged 66) Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Resting place Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills, California, U.S.
Occupation Singer songwriter record producer
Years active 1973–2019

What does Ltd stand for Jeffrey Osborne?

Love Togetherness & Devotion
1974 found them signing with A&M Records as L.T.D. (Love Togetherness & Devotion). In 1976, Johnny McGhee (guitar) joined the band. By this time Jeffrey Osborne became the group’s primary lead vocalist, with Melvin Webb taking over on drums in 1977.

Is Jeffrey Osborne a tenor?

What is jeffjeffrey Osborne’s first album?

Jeffrey Osborne is the self-titled debut album from Jeffrey Osborne, released in 1982 on A&M after leaving L.T.D. for a solo career. After Osborne departed from L.T.D. in 1980, legal issues prevented him from signing his solo deal with A&M for a whole year. After signing to A&M as a solo artist, Osborne began work on his debut album.

Is worth it all by Jeffrey Osborne on all platforms?

NEW ALBUM OUT NOW ON ALL PLATFORMS! Five decades into a genre-crossing career, Jeffrey Osborne offers his first album of original material in 15 years on Worth It All.

What makes George Osborne’s “Saving my Love” So Special?

” Ranking up there with Osborne’s George Duke-produced balladry of the early ‘80s, the assuring “Saving My Love” crystallizes with a sensitively honed melody and vocal delivery that is rare to happen upon these days. It’s understated in essence, yet powerful in its lasting effect.