When did drug control start?

When did drug control start?

In 1916, the U.S. Supreme Court found that this was not so, but by then the Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914 had become the first federal drug control law in the United States; it would remain a pillar of U.S. drug policy for the coming decades.

What drugs were used in the 1700s?

Purgatives, emetics, opium, cinchona bark, camphor, potassium nitrate and mercury were among the most widely used drugs. European herbals, dispensatories and textbooks were used in the American colonies, and beginning in the early 18th century, British “patent medicines” were imported.

What drugs were used in the early 1900s?

Throughout the early 1900s unregulated medicinal “tonics” were sold containing ingredients including cocaine and opium(9). By 1902 there were an estimated 200,000 cocaine addicts in the United States, and by 1907, U.S. coca leaf imports were three times their 1900 levels(10).