What TIR means?

What TIR means?

Total indicator runout, or TIR, is a term often used in manufacturing, especially when dealing with rotating parts. Other names include total indicator reading, or more recently, full indicator movement (FIM).

What does Tir a L Arc?

masculine noun. archery.

What does an old French word mesure mean?

Etymology. From Middle English mesure, from Old French mesure, from Latin mēnsūra (“a measuring, rule, something to measure by”), from mēnsus, past participle of mētīrī (“to measure, mete”).

What does Monquer mean in French?

to make fun of, make fun of, mock, laugh at, scoff. se moquer verb.

What is TIR number?

A document issued pursuant to the TIR (Transport International Routier) permitting sealed road transport shipments to traverse European TIR-members countries without undergoing customs inspection until reaching the destination country. Each TIR Carnet has a unique reference number.

What is a TIR trailer?

TIR represents “Transport International de Marchandises par la Route” and is a Customs Agreement concerning the international transport of goods. TIR cables are commonly used on “Tilt” trailers, open-top containers and in the tarpaulin industry.

What does au fur et à mesure?

The French expression Au fur et à mesure [o fu ray a m(eu) zur] literally translates to “at the rate and in measure.” It is used to mean as, while, or gradually and has a normal register.

What does Je Vous Aime?

French term or phrase: Je vous aime. English translation: I love you.

What is the meaning vous me Manquez?

Translation of “vous me manquez tant” in English Adverb. I miss you so much.

What does Tir mean in shipping?

See also Combined Transport. Inward transit. Shall mean the transit operation where the vehicle and the goods have passed through the Customs office of entry in the country of destination and are on their way to the Customs office of destination in that country.

Is Tir a Scrabble word?

No, tir is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What does Tir stand for?

TIR (Transports Internationaux Routiers, International Road Transport) With over 50 countries using the procedure, the TIR system is the international customs transit system with the widest geographical coverage.

What is a TIR transit?

TIR transits are carried out in bond, i.e. the lorry must be sealed as well as bearing the carnet. The security payment system is administered by the International Road Transport Union (IRU).

Why is a lorry called a TIR?

Due to the large blue-and-white TIR plates carried by vehicles using the TIR convention, the word “TIR” entered many languages, such as Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian or Turkish, as a neologism, becoming the default generic name of a large lorry.

What is TIR procedure for international shipments?

TIR procedures. This customs document is valid internationally and as well as describing the goods, their shipper and their destination, represents a financial guarantee. When a truck arrives at a border customs post it need not pay import duties and taxes on goods at that time. Instead the payments are suspended.