What school did Jayne Torvill go to?

What school did Jayne Torvill go to?

Clifton Hall Girls’ Grammar School
Jayne Torvill/Education

Early life. Torvill was born in Clifton, Nottingham, England, and grew up in Nottingham, attending Clifton Hall Girls’ Grammar School and worked in the city as an insurance clerk at Norwich Union.

Where did Torvill and Dean grow up?

Torvill and Dean

Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean
Torvill and Dean on the Dancing on Ice tour in Manchester, 2011
Personal information
Country represented United Kingdom
Born Nottingham

What did Jayne Torvill do before skating?

Jayne went to a local grammar school, leaving at 16. Her first job was as a clerk at a Nottingham insurance company. She was introduced to skating at the age of 8 during a school trip to the old Nottingham Ice Stadium.

Where was Jane Torvill born?

Clifton, United Kingdom
Jayne Torvill/Place of birth

Is Karen Barber married to Christopher Dean?

The 62-year-old has been married twice before and is now in a long-time romance with his DOI co-star Karen Barber. He is also the proud father of two boys. People often think Christopher and his skating partner Jayne are a couple, but despite their long partnership, the pair have never dated.

Who did Christopher Dean marry?

Jill Trenarym. 1994–2010
Isabelle Duchesnaym. 1991–1993
Christopher Dean/Spouse

Who choreographed Bolero?

Maurice Ravel
Maurice Ravel. Boléro is a set of 18 variations on an original two-part theme—or perhaps, more properly speaking, 18 orchestrations of that theme, for the theme itself does not change, though the instruments do.

Who is the most famous figure skater?

An American retired figure skater, Scott Scovell Hamilton, the Olympian gold medalist, is the most famous figure skater. He is a 63-year-old winner of four consecutive U.S. championships. Scott Scovell also won four consecutive World Championships, a gold medal in Olympics.

How old is Christopher Dean?

63 years (July 27, 1958)
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Who is Christopher Deans wife?

Christopher Dean/Wife

Where is Jill Trenary now?

She retired from professional skating in December 1997 after problems with blood clots in her shoulder. Trenary married British ice dancer Christopher Dean, and they settled in Colorado Springs, where she has raised their children.

What happened to Christopher Deans mum?

When he was six, his mother left and his father remarried. Dean never talked about this with his father or stepmother, both of whom have died. He has regained contact with his mother.