What relation is Peter to Juliet?

What relation is Peter to Juliet?

Peter. Peter is a servingman of the Capulets’ who accompanies the Nurse when she goes out of the house, partly as her protection and partly to carry her fan. At Juliet’s death, he begs the musicians to play some merry music for him, and taunts them when they refuse.

What is Peter like in Romeo and Juliet?

Peter. Peter is the personal servant of the nurse. He appears to be a loyal servant, always quick to obey the nurse. He is chastised for not fighting Mercutio for the nurse’s honour but insists that he “saw no man use you a pleasure; if I had, / my weapon should quickly have been out”.

Why does Romeo poison himself?

Romeo drinks poison to kill himself because he believes that Juliet is truly dead.

How old is Juliet and when is her birthday?

As the story occurs, Juliet is approaching her fourteenth birthday. She was born on “Lammas Eve at night” (1 August), so Juliet’s birthday is 31 July (1.3.19). Her birthday is “a fortnight hence”, putting the action of the play in mid-July (1.3.17).

What are Juliet’s interests?

Hobbies: Listening to music, hanging out with her maid, daydreaming about Romeo, when she should be thinking about Paris.

What are the similarities between Romeo and Juliet movie and play?

Romeo then goes to Juliet house party; they end up falling in love that night.While some differences between the movie and play are weapons,when Romeo sneaks out and when Juliet wakes up before romeo dies.The similarities are how Mercutio dies in both the play and movie. In Romeo and Juliet the two different families didn’t get along.

How does Juliet feel about marriage and love?

At age 13, Juliet is beautiful, innocent, and—importantly—of marriageable age. Before meeting Romeo, Juliet had thought little about love and marriage. Her parents, on the other hand, are keen to marry her to a rich and well-connected husband; they have chosen Count Paris, who has expressed interest in Juliet, as their daughter’s future husband.

How would you describe Juliet as a female character?

Juliet: A Strong Female Character Juliet Capulet appears to be a shy and innocent girl at the beginning of the play, but the depth of her character shows as she meets Romeo, defies her father, marries Romeo, and ultimately commits suicide.

Is Juliet interested in the outside world?

Whether or not Juliet is interested herself is not a concern to anyone but her. Like many women in Shakespeare’s plays, Juliet has very little freedom and is disconnected from the outside world, and she doesn’t fight back against it. That begins to change, however, when ​ fate brings her to Romeo.