What is Windows Live Messenger and do I need it?

What is Windows Live Messenger and do I need it?

It’s a chat program. If you don’t intend to exchange instant messages/chat/video chat with other people using the same (free) service then you don’t need it.

Is it OK to uninstall Windows Live Essentials?

Go ahead and uninstall if you like. So, the short answer is yes, you can uninstall the whole thing. You can pick and choose which components of the suite that you still might want to use, or you can go out and get the separate components yourself.

How can I safely disable Windows Live Messenger?

Click on Start

  • Click on Programs
  • Click on Accessories
  • Click on Administrative Tools
  • Click on Computer Management
  • In the Computer Management tool,expand Services&Applications in the left-hand pane by clicking on the plus sign in front of it.
  • Click on Services in the resulting list.
  • How do I Turn Off Windows Live Messenger?

    Turn Off Messenger – For Now. To turn off Windows Live Messenger completely without making any changes to the program, go to the File menu in the toolbar and select Exit Messenger. Alternatively, you can click on the arrow beside your name and select Exit Messenger as well. When you want to use the program once more,…

    How can I get Windows Live Messenger off my computer?

    First. First,get to your desktop.

  • Control Panel
  • Change Startup Programs
  • Software Explorer. This will now bring up “Software Explorer.”
  • Find Messenger and Disable/Enable It. Now scroll through the list to find “Messenger” Once you have found it,click the “disable” button.
  • Finished!
  • How do I get rid of Windows Messenger?

    [Solution] How to Get Rid of Messenger on Windows 10 Here’s a quick guide on using the Windows 10 Uninstaller to get rid of the Facebook Messenger UWP app: Visit this link ( here) and click on Apps-cleaner.zip button near Download. Once the archive is downloaded, use an archive extraction utility like WinZip, WinRar or 7Zip to extract the contents of… When the contents of the archive are downloaded and if you’re Windows 10 version runs on 64 bits, double-click on the… Once the application is launched, click on Get Store Apps to load all the available UWP apps. See More….