What is the weirdest holiday in the world?

What is the weirdest holiday in the world?

8 of the strangest holidays in the world

  1. National Hugging Day (January 21)
  2. National No Housework Day (April 7)
  3. World Star Wars Day (May 4)
  4. World Migratory Bird Day (May 13)
  5. World Whisky Day (May 20)
  6. International Bacon Day (September 2)
  7. International Talk Like A Pirate Day (September 19)

What is the dumbest International Day?

National Nothing Day
Observed by United States, unofficially
Date January 16
Next time 16 January 2022
Frequency Annual

What unique holidays are celebrated in October?

Fun October Theme Days and Wacky, Offbeat, October Holidays

  • October 1. World Smile Day.
  • October 2. World Card Making Day.
  • October 3. Techie’s Day.
  • October 4. Improve Your Office Day.
  • October 5. World Teachers Day.
  • October 6. International Walk to School Day.
  • October 7. Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Day.
  • October 8. World Octopus Day.

What is the weirdest National Day of the Year?

Weird National Holidays

Date Holiday Tags
National Name Your Car Day Funny, Weird National
Oct 17 Monday
National Edge Day Lifestyle, Pop Culture, Weird National
Oct 30 Sunday

What are some unknown holidays?

The 20 strangest holidays in the world

  • National Spaghetti Day.
  • National Hugging Day.
  • World Nutella Day.
  • World Compliment Day.
  • Super Mario Day.
  • World Party Day.
  • National Zipper Day.
  • Star Wars Day.

What is the weirdest holiday tradition?

10 Weird Holiday Traditions Celebrated Around The World

  • El Caganer – Spain:
  • Caroling with dead horses – Wales:
  • Spider Web Tree – Ukraine:
  • Krampus – Austria, Germany, Hungary:
  • Night of the radishes – Mexico:
  • The Yule Cat – Iceland:
  • The Christmas Log – Catalan, Spain:
  • Roller skating to mass – Venezuela:

Is there a National Nothing Day?

Each year on January 16th, people across the nation recognize National Nothing Day. The observance was created as a day to provide Americans with one National Day when they can just sit without celebrating, observing or honoring anything.

What holiday is January 16th 2021?


What are some weird holidays?

What holidays fall in October?

October 2021 Holidays and Celebrations

  • 01 Fri. World Vegetarian Day.
  • 01 Fri. World Smile Day.
  • 01 Fri. International Music Day.
  • 01 Fri. National Homemade Cookies Day.
  • 01 Fri. National Hair Day.
  • 01 Fri. International Coffee Day.
  • 01 Fri. International Day of Older Persons.
  • 01 Fri. National Fire Pup Day.

Is October 11 a national holiday?

The Columbus Day Federal holiday will be observed on October 11, 2021. Government offices and some businesses will be closed.

Is there a national weirdo day?

September 9th is Wonderful Weirdos Day. Today is the day to show your appreciation to all the “weirdos” in your life.

What are the top 5 fall holidays around the world?

5 Fall Holidays From Around The World 1. Dia de Muertos. Despite popular belief, this is not exclusively a Mexican holiday. Other Spanish-speaking countries,… 2. Chuseok. Chuseok is a three-day harvest festival celebrated in Korea. The days that it is celebrated change every… 3. Diwali. This is

What are some of the weirdest festivals around the world?

From Japan’s Kanamara Matsuri penis celebration to the gigantic La Tomatina food fight in Spain, experience some weird holidays and bizarre festivals from around the world. Like this gallery?

What are some of the most popular winter holidays?

Another popular winter holiday is Hanukkah, which is the Hebrew word for “dedication.” This celebration takes place over eight days. Its purpose is for Jewish people all around the world to celebrate their religion and history. Unlike Christmas, Hanukkah’s origin story isn’t as peaceful. Around 200 B.C., Israel was controlled by Syrians and Greeks.

Which country has the most national holidays in the world?

Did you know that the country with the most national holidays in the world is Cambodia, which boasts 28 special celebrations each year? Whether it’s a day of rest, remembrance, giving thanks, or partying, everyone looks forward to the holidays.