What is the lesson of Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie?

What is the lesson of Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie?

In the book ‘Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie,’ the main character learns to work on the things he can change, rather than agonizing about what he can’t. In this lesson, we will explore the book’s genre and setting.

What does Jeffrey use to mix his dangerous pie?

Eighth-grader Steven is mainly preoccupied with the drums he loves, the girls who ignore his existence, and the constant annoyance of five-year-old Jeffrey’s presence (epitomized by the “dangerous pie” incident, in which Steven’s prized drumsticks are used to stir a “zesty blend of coffee grounds, raw eggs and their …

What was so special about Steven’s special sticks?

What makes Steven’s “Special Sticks” so special? They are custom made just for him. They were once his dad’s sticks. They were autographed by a famous drummer, Carter Beauford.

What does Matt medic mean?

Matt Medic. Healing; comfort; safety; protection; hope. You just studied 12 terms!

What happens right before Steven leaves his concert to go to the hospital with Jeffrey?

The night of the concert the band members shave their heads in solidarity with Jeffrey. Right before Steven’s big solo that night, Jeffrey gets a fever and has to go back to the hospital. Taking Samantha’s advice, Steven goes with him instead of staying to play his drum solo.

Why did Steven shave his head?

For instance, Steven shaves his own head so his brother won’t feel self-conscious about losing his hair. Steven’s dedication is especially clear during the big All-City concert when Steven gives up his upcoming drum solo because his brother asks Steven to go to the hospital with him.

Who volunteers to be Steven’s tutor for all subjects except math?

When Renee Albert volunteered to tutor Steven in math, it made all the guys so obviously jealous that Steven couldn’t help feeling as though he had a “target on his forehead.” While Steven was absent from school because of the flu, Renee Albert kept asking Annette about how he was doing.

What is the name of the concert Steven is practicing for?

In the background, Steven has been practicing for the big All-City concert. At practice one day, he sees Annette and Renee talking with each other. After practice they announce they’ve come up with a plan: they’ll make the concert a fundraiser and donate the money to help the Alper’s pay for medical expenses.

What did Mrs Galley give to Steven?

Mrs. She also rewards Steven for talking by giving him candy hearts. Samantha – Steven’s friend he meets at the hospital who also has leukemia. She ends up dying with her mom by her side but without her sister. She leaves Steven with the advice to stay with his brother every time he needs him.

What bad news did Steven and the All City Jazz Band receive?

Steven’s plan not to tell his teachers about Jeffrey’s leukemia backfired on him because they found out anyway and he ended up having to go to a meeting with all of his teachers about it in which he got really upset.

Why did Miss Palma think that Steven’s journal should not be private?

Why did Miss Palma think Steven’s journal should not be private? She didn’t think it should be private because the journal entry was about world languages in school. You just studied 10 terms!

Why was Renee so mad at Steven?

Steven made Renee terribly angry when she offered to tutor him in math and as a result of her showing up with a cold to his house, he sent her back out into the winter night (“kicked her to the curb”).

What is Dangerous Pie in Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie?

In Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie the main character Steven has to face his brother, Jeffery, getting Leukemia (A type of cancer). Jordan Sonnenblick creates a story of an older brother having to deal with a “pain” of a younger brother who soon bond together. One way they do is by Jeffrey creating the Dangerous Pie.

How old is Steven Alper in Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie?

Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie is narrated by Steven Alper, a thirteen-year-old whose life is turned upside down when his five-year-old brother, Jeffrey, is diagnosed with leukemia. Before his brother’s diagnosis, Steven is a wisecracking 8th-grader attempting to navigate the trials of early adolescence.

What kind of cancer does Jeffery have in Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie?

In Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie the main character Steven has to face his brother, Jeffery, getting Leukemia (A type of cancer).

What does Dangerous Pie mean in Steven Universe?

Dangerous Pie is a different story. Dangerous Pie throughout the book changes its meaning. In the beginning it’s a way for Steven to describe how mean and annoying his brother is. At the climax of the book it becomes a way for Steven and Jeffery to remember what things were like before he got cancer.