What is the hottest month in Maine?

What is the hottest month in Maine?

If you’re looking for the very warmest time to visit Maine, the hottest months are July, August, and then June. See average monthly temperatures below. The warmest time of year is generally mid July where highs are regularly around 76.9°F (24.9°C) with temperatures rarely dropping below 58.7°F (14.8°C) at night.

How cold is Maine in summer?

Mean annual winter temperatures range from 25°F in the far south to less than 15°F in the northern and interior portions of the state. Mean annual summer temperatures range from near 60°F in the far north to near 70°F in the south.

Is Maine humid in summer?

MAINE, USA — Summer 2021: while it may seem like a paradox, this goes down as one of the wettest and warmest summers on record for a lot of Maine. As Maine continues to record warmer months and higher humidity in the summers, “mosquito days” – or days when mosquitoes are active – are expected to increase as well.

What is the hottest temperature in Maine?


State, federal district, or territory Record high temperature Date
Maine 105 °F (41 °C) July 10, 1911*
Maryland 109 °F (43 °C) July 10, 1936*
Massachusetts 107 °F (42 °C) August 2, 1975
Michigan 112 °F (44 °C) July 13, 1936

How bad are winters in Maine?

Temperatures. Winters are generally cold, but very prolonged cold spells are rare. Average annual snowfall in Maine is 50 to 70 inches along the coast and 60-110 inches inland. January is normally the snowiest month, with an average of about 20 inches.

Does Maine have 4 seasons?

Maine enjoys a healthy, invigorating climate with four distinct seasons. Our good air quality and moderate temperatures make Maine a four-season vacation destination.

Is Maine expensive to live in?

Is it expensive to live in Maine? A recent study showed that the cost of living in Maine is the sixth highest in the country. Maine residents spend 91.3% of their income on expenses, which is about 10% more than the national average.

Which is the hottest state in USA?

Hottest States 2021

  1. Florida. Florida is the hottest state in the U.S. with an average annual temperature of 70.7°F.
  2. Hawaii. Hawaii is the second-hottest state in the U.S. with an average annual temperature of 70.0°F.
  3. Louisiana.
  4. Texas.
  5. Georgia.
  6. Mississippi.
  7. Alabama.
  8. South Carolina.

Does Maine have snow?

Average annual snowfall in Maine is 50 to 70 inches in the Coastal Division, 60 to 90 inches in the Southern Interior and 90 to 110 inches in the Northern Interior. The Northern Interior may have up to 30 days a year with a minimum of one inch. January is normally the snowiest month, with an average of about 20 inches.

Is Maine colder than Alaska?

Here are the 10 states with the lowest average temperatures: Alaska (26.6 °F) North Dakota (40.4 °F) Maine (41 °F)

Is Maine a good place to live?

Maine has affordable housing and a lower low cost of living than neighboring states. In addition, it has some of the lowest crime rates in the nation. United States News & World Report ranked Maine as the 1st overall safest state to live, (also 1st in the list of low violent crime and 4th in low property crime).

What is a good salary in Maine?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $124,905 and as low as $18,828, the majority of salaries within the Average jobs category currently range between $45,462 (25th percentile) to $67,963 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $82,658 annually in Maine.

What is the average summer temperature in Maine?

Highest daily averages barely exceed 70 F, as is found in the central parts of Maine around Augusta and Lewiston. Average summer temperature statewide is 64 F. Average winter temperature is 17. Spring and fall average temperatures are 39 and 45 F, respectively.

What is the weather like in Maine in summer?

Summer weather in Maine is ideal, as the days are long, warm and beautiful, but temperatures drop at night to cool things down and make for comfortable sleeping. Further inland, temperatures still remain cool due to Maines northern. location and breezes off of nearby lakes.

Does Maine have humid summers?

Maine has a humid continental climate (Köppen climate classification Dfb) throughout the state with warm, humid summers and cold winters. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast, Canadian provinces New Brunswick and Quebec to the north, and New Hampshire to the west.

How hot is Maine in summer?

Maine has one of the most comfortable statewide summer climates in the country. Peak temperatures normally occurring in July average about 70°F throughout the state. In the Southern Interior Division during a very warm summer, temperatures may reach 90° for as many as 25 days, and in the Coastal Division, two to seven days.