What is the highest level a floor can be in Tiny Tower?

What is the highest level a floor can be in Tiny Tower?

Each Commercial floor may be upgraded to a maximum level of 10 by using Bux (or golden tickets, see below).

How much does each floor cost in Tiny Tower?

Construction Time and Costs

Floor # Cost (coins) Cumulative Cost (coins)
14 93,000 301,000
15 116,000 417,000
16 139,000 556,000
17 164,000 720,000

What happens if you delete a floor in Tiny Tower?

When you delete a floor, be it a residential or commercial unit, the floor returns to empty status and is available for you to build something new.

What does a gold star mean in Tiny Tower?

The gold stars indicate a bitizen with a skill level 9 is in their dream job. The silver stars just indicate that there is a bitizen in their dream job with a skill level less than 9.

What happened to Nimblebit?

This game was released June 14, 2012 for iOS devices. Later the same year ported to Android by Mobage, who then dropped the app in late 2015. The game is no longer available for Android devices, and Nimblebit has stated there will be no attempts by them to change that.

How long do VIPS stay in lobby Tiny Tower?

4 Answers. For the most part, they will wait there until you want to make use of them. However, if you tap on them to start the elevator, you will be forced to deliver them to some floor before you can take any other actions such as restocking or constructing a new floor.

How do you get Bitizens dream job?

Request Worker You can tell your friends that you need a Bitizen with certain dream job. Click the “Request Worker” button in the detail window of the desired commercial floor. Then your friend can see the “Needs XXXX BZNS!” Is displayed on friend list.

What does dream job do in Tiny Tower?

Dream Jobs Each bitizen has a dream job. Placing a bitizen in their dream job earns 2 tower bux, and doubles the restocking quantity of one item at their place of employment, without increasing the stocking time.