What is the cheat to fly in GTA Vice City?

What is the cheat to fly in GTA Vice City?

Other Vehicle Cheats & Codes for GTA Vice City

Cheat Code Effect
GREENLIGHT All traffic lights are green
MIAMITRAFFIC Traffic moves faster

Can you fly helicopters in GTA Vice City?

There are 12 possible Helicopter variants that you can pilot in GTA Vice City.

Is there a money cheat for Vice City?

One of the most useful cheats you can use in GTA Vice City is the unlimited money cheat.

How do you swim in GTA Vice City?

There is no such cheat for swimming in GTA Vice City. The players can directly get in the water to start swimming. But you will notice that the players swim extremely slowly in the game. The first thing that the players can do is use the “ONSPEED” cheat code in order to speed up the gameplay.

Where is the Hyman Condo in GTA Vice City?

Downtown Vice City
Located on the northwestern corner of Downtown Vice City, the condo is presumably named after the nearby Hyman Memorial Stadium, which is only located down the road to the west of the condo.

How can I skip a mission in GTA Vice City?

What is the cheat code to skip a mission in GTA Vice City? – Quora. Use the cheatcode BOOOOOORING. This slows down the time and you will get plenty of time to finish the mission.

How can I skip mission in GTA Vice City?

Well in GTA SA you cannot skip a mission but you can skip a path travelled in a mission by trip skip. Trip Skip option will appear only when you have failed a mission thrice or more than that. It can also be triggered by pressing T key if and only if you’ve failed a mission more than thrice.

How can I get rich in GTA Vice City?

Steps to earn more cash in GTA: Vice City quickly

  1. Steal a cop car.
  2. Lose the cops.
  3. Begin the Vigilante Missions.
  4. Stash the vehicle in any garage you own.
  5. Use the cheat code “BIGBANG”
  6. This will instantly earn you money for completing the mission.
  7. Get back in the car and begin the next mission.