What is sehr gut mean?

What is sehr gut mean?

German term or phrase: sehr gut. English translation: excellent.

What does mien mean in German?

Miennoun. aspect; air; manner; demeanor; carriage; bearing.

What is Herr in German?

Definition of Herr —used among German-speaking people as a title equivalent to Mr.

How do you respond to Danke schon?

When someone says danke, the standard response is bitte. This normally means ‘please’, but within the context of responding to a ‘thank you’, it means ‘you’re welcome’. If instead they say danke schön, then you should reply by saying bitte schön.

What does Zergut mean?

Since 1966, the Zergut brand, meaning “VERY GOOD” in German, has offered a unique line of freshly packed fruit and vegetable spreads, dips, appetizers, pickles, grape leaves and more. Many of the product recipes were handed down by the company’s founder’s ancestors.

Where does the term gut come from?

c. 1300, usually plural, bowels, “human organs of the abdominal cavity,” from late 14c. specifically as “human intestines,” from Old French boele “intestines, bowels, innards” (12c., Modern French.

What language is gut?

German translation of ‘gut’

What does lo mein mean in English?

lo mein in American English (ˈlou ˈmein) noun. a Chinese dish of thin noodles stir-fried with vegetables and usu. meat or shrimp.

What is the meaning of Mein?

Wiktionary: mein → my. mein → my, mine.

What gender is Herr in German?

noun, plural Her·ren [her-uhn; English hair-uhn]. the conventional German title of respect and term of address for a man, corresponding to Mr. or in direct address to sir.

What is the feminine form of Herr?

Usage notes. Omitting Herr (or the female form Frau) when addressing a person with their last name is usually perceived as disrespectful, but it is more common when speaking about somebody who is not present, except in formal contexts.

What does sehr gut mean in German?

“Sehr gut” translates in English to “very good” and is a very common phrase in German. It is commonly used as a response to mood like “ich bin sehr gut” meaning “I am doing very good” or “das ist sehr gut” meaning “that is very good” in response to a question of if you likes something.

What is the meaning of Herr in English?

Herr (Hr.; pl., Herren) for men (equivalent to Mister and Sir in English). This word also means “master, owner, ruler, gentleman” and is also a form of address for the Christian God (English equivalent: Lord).

How do you address a letter to Mr in German?

In earlier times, Mein Herr or Werter Herr was also in use, though this has an old-fashioned touch. In correspondence, the correct form of address is Sehr geehrter Herr (“Dear Mister” or “Dear Sir”, literally “Most Honored Gentleman”), followed by the surname.

What is the meaning of the German word Sir?

This word also means “master, owner, ruler, gentleman” and is also a form of address for the Christian God (English equivalent: Lord). If the surname is not known, e. g. when addressing a stranger in the street, the correct form is der Herr (“sir” or “gentleman”, literally “the lord” or “the master”).