What is love you in Kashmiri?

What is love you in Kashmiri?

Mai choo chai saathi mohabat. Wiktionary.

How do you say kiss in Kashmiri?

kiss in Kashmiri कॉशुर

  1. चुम्मी ⇄ Kiss. dogri.
  2. पप्पी ⇄ Kiss. dogri.
  3. पप्पू ⇄ Kiss. dogri.
  4. प्यार ⇄ Kiss. dogri.

What do you call husband in Kashmiri?

Husband Meaning in Kashmiri

Word Meaning Grammar
Husband خانٛدارروٗن Noun

What is heart called in Kashmiri?

Heart Meaning in Kashmiri

Word Meaning Grammar
Heart دِل Noun
Heart دِلوٲنِججِگَر Noun
Heart مَرکَز Noun

How do you say handsome in Kashmiri?

handsome in Kashmiri कॉशुर

  1. दर्शनी ⇄ handsome. dogri.
  2. बांकड़ा ⇄ handsome. dogri.
  3. बांका ⇄ handsome. dogri.
  4. रूपबान ⇄ handsome. dogri.
  5. रूपवान ⇄ handsome. dogri.
  6. शैल ⇄ handsome. dogri.
  7. सन्हाका ⇄ handsome. dogri.
  8. सलोना ⇄ handsome. dogri.

What is beautiful called in Kashmiri?

beautifully. beautiful ⇄ beautiful, adjective, noun. beautiful ⇄ noun beautifulness. beautiful ⇄ noun the beautiful, that which has beauty, especially people or things that are beautiful.

What is girl called in Kashmiri?

girl in Kashmiri कॉशुर a child brought up in an institution. girl ⇄ girl, noun. 1.

What is sperm called in Kashmiri?

Semen Meaning in Kashmiri

Word Meaning Grammar
Semen منی Noun

What is lover called in kashmiri?

2. Kashmiris have their own versions of ‘Honey’ ‘Sugarplum’ and ‘Sweetheart’s. They get replaced by ‘hish’, ‘yepaer haz’, ‘bozan chukaz”.

What is breast called in Kashmiri?

سیٖنہٕ Noun. Govt. Jobs in Jammu & Kashmir.

What is friend called in Kashmiri?

b. to become accustomed to; get to like. friend ⇄ friend, noun, verb. Friend ⇄ Friend, noun. friend ⇄ noun 1.

How Kashmiris express love through kaeshir?

We Kashmiris have a huge appetite, not just for food, also for love. Here are 8 exclusively Kaeshir ways of expressing love: ‘The Kaeshir Maazrat’ and ‘Khaetir’ (The Kashmiri Hospitality) has always been praised and talked about. We measure our love in terms of our abilities to feed people.

How do you say ‘Honey’ in Kashmir?

(Na na na myoni marun chu, yi pae khyon) 2. Kashmiris have their own versions of ‘Honey’ ‘Sugarplum’ and ‘Sweetheart’s. They get replaced by ‘hish’, ‘yepaer haz’, ‘bozan chukaz”. And it may seem a bit conservative, but it’s adorable nonetheless. At least we as kids love teasing our parents for this particular thing!

What makes Kashmir a great honeymoon spot for newlyweds?

Kashmir not only makes a great holiday destination but also a remarkable honeymoon spot for newly weds.Shikaras serve as love rides for the tourist and the local couples alike. And of course the shikara rower making the atmosphere more passionate by humming ‘Kaeshir baeth’ (Kashmiri Songs)

Why is Kashmir so popular for romantic movies?

Kashmir has a wide range of exquisite seasons. Every season has a romantic aura to offer! Be it the snowflakes in winter or the blooming almond trees or the Chinar leaves in Autumn. Various love songs for classic romantic movies are shot in Kashmir.