What is another name for second-hand clothes?

What is another name for second-hand clothes?

What is another word for secondhand?

preloved preowned
used worn
recycled hand-me-down
cast-off reach-me-down
pre-owned old

What does second-hand mean in clothing?

previously used or owned: secondhand clothes. dealing in previously used goods: a secondhand bookseller.

What do you call used clothing store?

Thrift store
Thrift store – similar to a junk shop but set up to fund a specific charity. These tend to specialise in clothes. The quality of the clothes donated for sale depends on the surrounding area. In the United States, these are called thrift stores.

What is a synonym for thrift shop?

co-op. cut-rate store. discount store. five-and-dime. flea market.

What is the euphemism of second-hand?

Preloved (or pre-loved) is apparently a very popular euphemism for pre-owned or second-hand, but I don’t remember remarking on it before. Preloved doesn’t appear in many dictionaries, with or without a hyphen.

Is second hand two words?

AP Style tip: second hand, two words, as a noun, but secondhand, one word, as an adjective and adverb.

What are Prelove clothes?

Pre-loved clothing is owned by someone previously and that’s what makes them cheaper. If you will go out to find the same dress in new, you might have to pay more than what you’ve to pay for pre-loved pieces of stuff.

Is second hand one word?

What is the difference between Seconds shop and second hand goods shop?

(v) Second Hand Goods Shops These shops deal with second-hand goods or used articles such as books. (a) These shops sell used goods. (b) The goods are generally priced low because these are used goods. (vi) Seconds Shops There are the shops to sell goods which are not produced according to the required specification.

What is a thrifting store?

: a shop that sells secondhand articles and especially clothes and is often run for charitable purposes.