What is an example of agitate?

What is an example of agitate?

An example of agitate is what the spin cycle on the washing machine does to the laundry being washed. Agitate is defined as to annoy or frustrate someone. An example of the word agitate is when a brother purposely irritates his sister by taunting her.

What does agitating someone mean?

1 : to excite and often trouble the mind or feelings of : disturb My presence did not appear to agitate or irritate him as before, and he accepted my services quietly …— Charlotte Brontë 2a : to discuss excitedly and earnestly.

What does agitate mean in science?

(Chemical Engineering: General) Agitation is the movement of one or more components of a mixture to improve contact. Vigorous agitation of liquids, particularly water, will cause a reduction in the agglomeration of the liquid and change its normal properties.

What does it mean to agitate for something?

1[intransitive, transitive] to argue strongly for something you want, especially for changes in a law, in social conditions, etc. synonym campaign agitate (for/against something) political groups agitating for social change agitate to do something Her family is agitating to have her released from custody.

Does agitated mean angry?

Meaning of agitated in English worried or angry: She became very agitated when her son failed to return home.

What do you mean by profuse?

Definition of profuse 1 : pouring forth liberally : extravagant profuse in their thanks. 2 : exhibiting great abundance : bountiful a profuse harvest.

What does agitation look like?

People experiencing agitation may have problems with focusing or having a conversation and may display pacing or shuffling the feet or wringing the hands or clenching the fists. Angry outbursts, disruptive behavior, difficulty sitting still, and excessive talking or movement are all signs associated with agitation.

Does agitate mean mix?

to shake or move briskly: The machine agitated the mixture.

Can someone be agitating?

Agitation is a normal emotion experienced by most people. In the majority of cases, there’s no need for worry or concern. Common causes of agitation include: work stress.

What’s another word for profusely?

Frequently Asked Questions About profuse Some common synonyms of profuse are exuberant, lavish, lush, luxuriant, and prodigal.

Is it apologize profusely or profusely apologize?

2 adj If you offer profuse apologies or thanks, you apologize or thank someone a lot. Then the policeman recognised me, breaking into profuse apologies. They were very grateful to be put right and thanked me profusely.

Is agitation a mental illness?

Unlike depression and bipolar disorder, agitation isn’t an illness on its own. Rather, it’s typically a symptom of a mood disorder or another medical condition. In many cases, people develop agitation when treatment for their depression or bipolar disorder isn’t working as well as it should.