What is a TT card?

What is a TT card?

The DS TT Card has original cartridge same size, Slot-1 flash card. With the DSTT Card you will be able to play musics and make playlists, browse pictures, watch your favorite movies and read e-books as well as much more.

How do I setup my TTDS card?

Eject and remove the card, then place it in the MicroSD slot of your TTDS card. Place the card in the cartridge slot of your Nintendo DS and turn the system on, then choose “TTDS” from the main menu. Place Nintendo DS game files (identifiable by their “NDS” suffix) in the “Games” folder of your TTDS card.

What is TT DS?

Acronym. Definition. TTDS. Top Toy DS (Nintendo)

Does TTDS work on 3ds?

They have updated their firmware to block 3ds carts though. No, sadly it won’t work. You would need a card like the r4i gold 3ds or the r4 3ds card.

How do I install YSMenu?

This will destroy your DSTT card if it’s a “fake”

  1. Unzip the YSMenu archive.
  2. Create a folder named “YSMenu” on your microSD card.
  3. Place a copy of the fake-killer-disabled “TTMENU. DAT” into the same folder as the “ttextract.exe” program on your PC.
  4. Run “ttextract.exe” on your PC.
  5. Place the two resulting files (“ttdldi.

Can you get Triple Triad cards Unsynced?

Still totally up to RNGESUS, but entirely possible. They drop unsynced.

What is YSMenu?

YSMenu is a homebrew version of the ttmenu that loads faster than the original menu and looks similar to an unskinned r4 menu.

Can you get TT cards Unsynced?

How do you get Triple Triad cards in dungeons?

Where to Get New Cards

  1. Reward from winning a Triple Triad match with an NPC.
  2. Dropped from bosses in dungeons, trials, and raids.
  3. Bought from either of the Triple Triad Traders at the Gold Saucer using MGP.
  4. Dropped from specific FATEs or as a reward for getting gold ratings in certain FATEs.

Do Triple Triad cards drop Unsynced?