What is a fox called in Scotland?

What is a fox called in Scotland?

The fox is conspicuous for the variety of its names, and nick-names, esp. in folk-lore, and tod is prob.

What is the Celtic word for Fox?

Animals and other creatures

Gaeilge (Irish) Gàidhlig (Gaelic) English
loarn* fox
madra madadh madadh dog fox
madra rua madadh-ruadh fox
madra uisce madadh-uisge otter beaver

How do you pronounce Sionach?


  1. (Connacht) IPA: /ˈʃɪn̪ˠəx/
  2. (Munster) IPA: /ʃɪˈn̪ˠɑx/
  3. (Ulster) IPA: /ˈʃɪn̪ˠax/, /ˈʃɪn̪ˠah/

How do you say red in Celtic?

A bheil fios agad dè an dath as fheàrr leat?…Colours.

Colour Dath
White Geal <))
Grey Glas <))
Red Dearg <))
Scarlet Sgàrlaid <))

Are foxes native to Scotland?

The fox is the most adaptable of our carnivores and can be found in almost every habitat in Scotland.

What name means fox?

Names Meaning Fox

  • Rebane – an Estonian name meaning fox.
  • Renard – fox in French.
  • Kit – Japanese for fox.
  • Kettu – fox in Finnish.
  • Sionnach – the Irish name for fox.
  • Volpe – the Italian word for fox.
  • Lomdi – Hindi name for fox.
  • Zorro –fox in Spanish.

How do you say Violet in Gaelic?

Violet in Irish is Sailchuach.

What is white Gaelic?

fionn [fjũːn̪ˠ] – white, fair, pale; sincere, true, certain; small; fine, pleasant.

What is the Greek word for Fox?

Αλεπού (ah-le-POÚ) is Greek for fox. Αλεπούδες (ah-le-POÚ-thes) means foxes. If (rather than know just this single translation) you’re more interested in the etymology, then here is the Wiktionary entry: (Something I discovered while looking into this was that the word alopecia is derived from the Greek word for fox.

What is Scottish word for Fox?

Scots Gaelic words for fox include foinne and madadh-ruadh. Find more Scots Gaelic words at wordhippo.com!

How do you spell the word fox?

The Correct spelling is: fox. Common misspellings of the word fox are: fox in french. fox in spanish. fox in german.