What is a 666 sided polygon called?

What is a 666 sided polygon called?


Regular chiliagon
Coxeter–Dynkin diagrams
Symmetry group Dihedral (D1000), order 2×1000
Internal angle (degrees) 179.64°
Properties Convex, cyclic, equilateral, isogonal, isotoxal

What are the properties of heptagon?

Convex polygon
Equilateral polygonIsotoxal figureIsogonal figureCyclic

Is a Megagon a circle?

A Megagon is a polygon with 1,000,000 sides and angles. Even if drawn at the size of the earth, it would still be very hard to visually distinguish from a circle.

What is a heptagon shape look like?

The heptagon shape is a plane or two-dimensional shape comprised of seven straight sides, seven interior angles, and seven vertices. A heptagon shape can be regular, irregular, concave, or convex. All heptagons can be divided into five triangles. All heptagons have 14 diagonals (line segments connecting vertices)

What polygon has seven sides and seven angles?

A polygon with seven sides is called a heptagon. A polygon is a closed geometric shape that has at least three sides and angles. Polygons consist of adjoining line segments and are named based on how many sides they have. There are eight polygons that have been officially named…

What is polygon with seven sides and seven angles?

A seven-sided polygon is called a “heptagon.”. “Hepta-” or “hept-” is a prefix from the Greek word meaning “seven.”. In addition to having seven sides, the heptagon also has seven angles where the sides meet. The seven-sided figure is also known as a “septagon.”.

What is the nineteen sided polygon called?

Answer (1 of 1): A 19 sided polygon is called :An EnneadecagonHere are the name of the first twelve polygons:3 triangle4 Square5 pentagon6 Hexagon7 Heptagon8 Octagon9 Nanagon10 Decagon11 Hendecagon or Undecagon12 Dodecagon Blurtit. Ask Topics

Does polygon have sides that are line segments?

A polygon is a closed figure where the sides are all line segments. Each side must intersect exactly two others sides but only at their endpoints. The sides must be noncollinear and have a common endpoint. A polygon is usually named after how many sides it has, a polygon with n-sides is called a n-gon.