What high school did Joe Dumars go to?

What high school did Joe Dumars go to?

McNeese State University
Natchitoches Central High School
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Where did Joe Dumars go to college?

McNeese State University
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What was Joe Dumars nickname?

Guard Vinnie Johnson saw the horde of reporters surrounding Dumars and said: “Broadway Joe! You were on fire tonight.” Piston forward John Salley had another nickname for Dumars. “Joe’s the silent killer,” Salley said.

How rich is Joe Dumars?

Joe Dumars Net Worth

Net Worth: $10 Million
Date of Birth: May 24, 1963 (58 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Basketball player
Nationality: United States of America

Can Joe Dumars shoot?

He could play either shooting guard or point guard on offense and was a highly effective defender. He played his entire fourteen-year career with the Detroit Pistons. Initially a shooting guard, Dumars moved to point guard following Thomas’ retirement in 1994, sharing ball-handling duties with Grant Hill.

Was Joe Dumars good?

Dumars quickly earned the reputation of being a defensive stalwart and a serious offensive threat but it was cemented with his 1989 NBA Finals MVP performance. Dumars was also well-respected for his sportsmanship that belied his intensity and toughness and for being a true leader in the NBA.

Is Scottie Pippen rich?

As of 2021, Scottie Pippen’s net worth is roughly $20 million. Scottie Pippen is an American former NBA basketball player who played a total of 17 seasons in the NBA.

How old is Joe Dumars?

58 years (May 24, 1963)
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What was Isiah Thomas nickname?

Mr. Wonderful
Pee WeeThe Baby Faced AssassinZeke
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How much is Scottie Pippen worth?

The first thing that’s usually on collectors’ minds is: how much are Scottie Pippen rookie cards worth? The value of a Scottie Pippen rookie card will vary between $1 and $1500 depending on which version you are considering and what its condition is.

What is Shaquille O’Neal worth?

Shaq to his kids: “We ain’t rich, I’m rich.” According to Celebrity Net Worth, O’Neal has an estimated net worth of $400 million.