What happened to Salado?

What happened to Salado?

Collapse of the Salado Culture It is known that after c. 1350 CE, climatic changes adversely affected Salado settlements in Arizona and New Mexico. The area in and around the Tanto Basin became drier in the 14th century CE, but there were periods of devastating floods and famine too.

Who were the Salado people?

900 A.D. — 1450 A.D. The Salado are believed to have been a group of wayfaring Anasazi who experienced moderate Mogollon influence and migrated into the Tonto Basin/Roosevelt Lake/Globe, Arizona region about 900 AD.

Where did the Salado tribe live?

Salado culture, or Salado Horizon, was a human culture in the upper Salt River (río Salado) of the Tonto Basin in southeastern Arizona from approximately 1150 CE through the 15th century.

What does Rio Salado mean?

The term Salado comes from the Spanish name Rio Salado, or the Salt River, that runs from the White Mountains in eastern Arizona through the Tonto Basin to its confluence with the Gila River in central Arizona (Houk 1992). Particular types of artifacts and architecture found in southern Arizona and northern Mexico.

How did Salado TX get its name?

They first came to the area because of the clear, bubbling springs associated with Salado Creek, which got its name from a local Indian tribe that called the waterway Salado, which in their language meant “salty”.

Where is Salado in Arizona?

Salado, also known as Salido, is a populated place situated in Apache County, Arizona, United States. It has an estimated elevation of 5,863 feet (1,787 m) above sea level. Its current mayor is Taylor Lee….

Salado, Arizona
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What is the Tonto Basin?

The Tonto Basin, also known as Pleasant Valley, covers the main drainage of Tonto Creek and its tributaries in central Arizona, at the southwest of the Mogollon Rim, the higher elevation transition zone across central and eastern Arizona.

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How old is Salado?

Salado was first incorporated in 1867 for the sole purpose of building a bridge across Salado Creek. In 2000, the citizens of Salado voted in favor of reincorporation, before which it was a census-designated place. The population of the village was 2,126 at the 2010 census.

How big is Salado Texas?

3.147 mi²

Where does the Salt River begin and end?

Salt River, tributary of the Gila River, east-central Arizona, U.S. The Salt River is formed at the confluence of the Black and White rivers on a plateau in eastern Gila county. It flows 200 miles (320 km) in a westerly direction and empties into the Gila River 15 miles (24 km) west-southwest of Phoenix.