What episode of shake it up were the ICONic Boyz on?

What episode of shake it up were the ICONic Boyz on?

Copy Kat It Up
The ICONic Boyz are a dance crew that appeared in the episode Copy Kat It Up, performing to a remix of th Live 2 Dance soundtrack. They were competitors on the sixth season of “America’s Best Dance Crew”, finishing the compeition as runner-up.

What season is ICONic?

The sixth season of America’s Best Dance Crew, also known as America’s Best Dance Crew: Season of the Superstars, premiered on April 7, 2011….Challenge #2: Last Chance Challenge.

Dance Crew Performance Title
ICONic Boyz The ICONic Dream
I.aM.mE Ill-emental

Who won Season 6 ABDC?

America’s Best Dance Crew – Season 6/Winners

Who are the ICONic boyz?

ICONic Boyz
Members Jason “NoBones” Smith
Louis “Da Pitbull” DiPippa
Madison “Maddog” Alamia
Mikey “Spikey Mikey” Fusco

Who were the ICONic boys?

Who won ABDC Season 7?

America’s Best Dance Crew – Season 7/Winners

Who was in Mos Wanted Crew?

Mos Wanted Crew
Members Bam Martin
Ian Eastwood
Jawn Ha
JP Goldstein

Who won Season 8 of America’s Best Dance Crew?

Quest Crew
America’s Best Dance Crew – Season 8/Winners

Who is Kinjaz?


Anthony Lee (Leader and Co- Founder) Mike Song (Leader and Co-Founder) Pat Cruz
LeeJ Razalan Nick Kim Phil Garvin
Gerald Nonato Arnel Calvario Josh Ventura
Josh Ventura Mikey Andaya Ryan Kim
Lyle Beniga Carlo Darang Bailey Sok

Why did Abdc get Cancelled?

After an initial seven season run, America’s Best Dance Crew was cancelled in 2012 due to declining ratings.

Was Kinjaz on ABDC?

Kinjaz competed on season 8 of ABDC, they were the only crew in that season who were not past champions making them the underdog of the competition. Their first performance would be a dance to Chris Brown’s Fine China. this was also the their first television appearance.

Is Kinjaz a Filipino?

He grew up in an inner-city Filipino-American family in which hip-hop was the go-to pastime and an escape for young people, who were exposed to the violent world of gang culture. “I am a kid of the 70s and was born the same year that hip-hop was created,” he says. Instead of joining gangs, you could join a crew.”

Who are the ICONic Boyz in ABDC?

ICONic Boyz. ICONic Boyz is a crew on ABDC, season 6. They were the youngest boys in ABDC they had 7 members and City was Englishtown, and their reigon was East.

Who is the 2nd place on ICONic Boyz?

ICONic Boyz Season 6 Place 2nd Members Jason “NoBones” Smith Louis “Da Pitbull” DiPippa Madison “Maddog” Alamia

Where is iciconic Boyz season 6?

ICONic Boyz Season 6 Region East City Englishtown State New Jersey Place 2nd