What effect does the use of dialect achieve at the beginning of the story?

What effect does the use of dialect achieve at the beginning of the story?

By using their form of dialect (accent), it gives the reader an idea of the way most black slaves talked like.

What is dialect in The People Could Fly?

Folk tales are often told using dialect—a form of language that is spoken in a particular place or by a particular group of people—to suggest real people talking. In “The People Could Fly,” Virginia Hamilton uses dialect to suggest the folksy speech of the African American storyteller.

What is the lesson of the folktale people could fly?

What is the lesson of “The People Could fly? is to get away from slavery and go to freedom. how would enslaved Africans view this message? as being important because it ould wteach them that it is possible if you think of it “hopeful”.

What is the lesson of The People Could Fly How would Enslaved Africans have perceived the lesson as being important?

Partner discussion. We though that Enslaved Africans would have perceived this lesson as being important because they lived with many different kinds of people, so someone who appeared to be weak and powerless could have helped them. In the story, Toby’s daughter knew that he could help her and her baby.

What did the ones who couldn’t fly do in the end?

What did the ones who could not fly do in the end? They learned to fly later when Toby returned. They told the story to their kids who eventually became free.

What is most important to recall about old Toby and the people who could fly?

Summarize what is most important to recall about old Toby and the people who could fly. the slave old Toby is a seer. He still remembers the ancient magical words that cause all the people who could fly to rise into the air to freedom. Old Toby flies, too, taking care of them.

How does this excerpt show that the story is a folktale?

How does this excerpt show that the story is a folktale? It teaches a lesson about human behavior. It is passed down orally through generations. John passes his story down through generations.

What is the author’s purpose of The People Could Fly?

By Virginia Hamilton “The People Could Fly” is all about the dream of freedom. For the Africans who were captured into slavery and brought to America, there was little reason for hope, but through folk tales like this one, they were able to at least imagine a day when they could become free. That’s powerful.

What was the author’s purpose in writing The People Could Fly?

It’s about the idea that a miraculous event can inspire others to keep hope alive, and it’s about realizing the potential that has always been inside, hidden in plain sight.

What does the ability to fly symbolize for the slaves on this plantation and why was it important for them?

The ability to fly symbolizes for the slaves on this plantation was that they were not free when they were on the plantation, and when they flew away the were free. Being able to fly is important to them because it showed that they had hope to become free.

Why is Toby not crying or laughing?

He isn’t ” laughin” or “cryin” (28) as he flies away from his former prison. Instead, “his gaze fell to the plantation where the slaves who could not fly waited” (28).

What is one reason why why the sun is brighter than the moon is considered a fable?

What is one reason why “Why the Sun Is Brighter Than the Moon” is considered a fable? It reflects a historical event. It occurs in a character’s imagination.

Why is “the people could fly” a folktale?

“The people could fly” is a folktale because it has all four parts it needs for it to be one.

What are some examples of dialect from lines 1-10?

Examples of dialect from lines 1-10 are as followed: Line 1 – The first sentence misses the word “that” in the middle. Second sentence misses the word “they” at the beginning / Line 3 – Uses the word climbin’ instead of climbing / Line 4 – Uses the word flappin’ instead of flapping / Lines 8/9 – Asks a question to the reader.

Is the past past from generation to generation in folktales?

Its past from generation to generation:Yes because on ” (page 67, lines 122-123) it clearly says:”They say who could not fly told about the people that could fly to their children.”People cant fly so that is another part of a folktale which is super natural powers are icludeded.On (page 65, line 62) she is flying on the air with her wings.

What is the lesson of this folk tale?

The lesson of this folk tale, is to have hope. [Summarize] Early in this folk tale, the narrator says, “The folks were full of misery, then.” Review the first half of the tale to find details about about the conditions under which slaves lived. Then in your own words, describe these conditions.