What education did Miep Gies have?

What education did Miep Gies have?

Miep finished her schooling at 18 and got a job in the office of a textile company, where she worked until she was 24, when she was laid off due to the Depression.

Did Miep Gies go to Wilson High School?

As depicted in the film, the real Miep Gies did come to speak to Erin’s students after they raised enough money to fly her from Amsterdam. Miep was 87 when she came to speak at Woodrow Wilson high school in Long Beach, California. She came during the 1994/1995 school year.

Where did Miep grow up?

Miep ended up in Leiden, where the Nieuwenburg family lovingly received her. In 1924, the family moved to Amsterdam and Miep’s biological parents eventually decided that Miep was so much at home in the Netherlands that it would be better for her to stay there. Her foster parents agreed.

What is Miep Gies real name?

Hermine Gies-Santrouschitz
Miep Gies/Full name

Did Erin Gruwell’s husband really leave her?

Erin and her husband did divorce in real life, and for similar reasons. All the pain from her personal life just pushed her more to help her students graduate. And the more her dad saw this, the more he began to support her. Although Gruwell gave up a lot for The Freedom Writers, she also gained a lot.

Did Miep Gies go to a concentration camp?

After the Franks were discovered in 1944 and sent to concentration camps, Gies rescued the notebooks that Anne Frank left behind describing her two years in hiding. …

Who hid Anne Frank’s family?

Miep Gies
On January 11, 2010, Miep Gies, the last survivor of a small group of people who helped hide a Jewish girl, Anne Frank, and her family from the Nazis during World War II, dies at age 100 in the Netherlands.

How was Anne Frank’s family discovered?

On August 4, 1944, after 25 months in hiding, Anne Frank and the seven others in the Secret Annex were discovered by the Gestapo, the German secret state police, who had learned about the hiding place from an anonymous tipster (who has never been definitively identified).

Where was Erin Gruwell born?

Glendora, CA
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