What does the word sluiced mean?

What does the word sluiced mean?

1a : an artificial passage for water (as in a millstream) fitted with a valve or gate for stopping or regulating flow. b : a body of water pent up behind a floodgate. 2 : a dock gate : floodgate. 3a : a stream flowing through a floodgate. b : a channel to drain or carry off surplus water.

What does sluicing for gold mean?

Gold Sluicing. Sluicing is the use of a “sluice box” in a creek or river to separate gold from gravel. (See our sluice kit below for a quick and easy way to get started with sluicing for gold.) A sluice box is a metal, wood, or plastic channel that has “riffles” and other devices in it to catch gold.

What does betide mean in a sentence?

intransitive verb. : to happen especially as if by fate. transitive verb. : to happen to : befall —used chiefly in the phrase woe betide woe betide our enemies.

Where does the term sluice come from?

Anything that resembles a water slide with a gate is a sluice — a narrow channel that controls water flow. The word originally comes from an old English word meaning a narrow channel that controlled a flow of water, usually to a watermill, and it still has that meaning.

What is a sluice in the UK?

/sluːs/ uk. /sluːs/ (also sluiceway) an artificial channel for carrying water, with an opening at one end to control the flow of the water.

How do you use sluice in a sentence?

Sluice sentence example. The floor of the sluice is laid with riffles made of strips of wood 2 in. Water was pouring out of the 12 inch sluice valve. The rusty original sluice paddle gate has survived being buried for 30 years.

How do sluices work?

Sluice boxes work by essentially creating a straight, consistent channel, with regularly spaced slow spots created by riffles. Each riffle creates an eddy, a backflow of water that allows the gold to settle out. Material is placed at the top of the box and carried in suspension down the channel.

Who invented the sluice?

engineer Jan Blanken
(Dutch: waaier sluis) This type of gate was invented by the Dutch hydraulic engineer Jan Blanken in 1808. He was Inspector-General for Waterstaat (Water resource management) of the Kingdom of Holland at the time.

How do you use betide?

1. Whatever may betide, maintain your courage. 2. Woe betide him if he does evils.

What’s the origin of the saying woe betide you?

From Early Modern English woe (“great sadness or distress; calamity, trouble”) + betide (“to happen to, befall”), formerly used to decry a person’s actions. Grammatically, it is a term the verb of which is in the subjunctive mood.

What is the race that runs under the sluice?

A mill race, millrace or millrun, mill lade (Scotland) or mill leat (Southwest England) is the current of water that turns a water wheel, or the channel (sluice) conducting water to or from a water wheel.

What is a sluice in a hospital?

A sluice room is a closed area found in hospitals, care homes and special needs schools that allows for the safe and efficient disposal of human waste. A properly planned and equipped sluice room prevents the spread of infection. A sluice room can also be called a ‘dirty’ or ‘soiled’ utility room.