What does LMI mean in text?

What does LMI mean in text?


Acronym Definition
LMI Light-Matter Interaction
LMI Like-Minded Individual
LMI Local Market Integration
LMI Last Minute Item

What does LML mean TikTok?

“Love My Life” is the most common definition for LML on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. LML. Definition: Love My Life.

What does LML mean urban dictionary?

laughing mad loud
Text abbreviation “LML”: According to Urban Dictionary, “LML” means “laughing mad loud”. It replicates a loud laughing reaction. It can be used to make fun of something, ironize a statement and so on.

What is the full form of LMI?

The Full Form of LMI is Labour Market Impact.

What does LMI stand for income?

LMI may refer to: Lenders mortgage insurance. Low and moderate income; see Transit-oriented development. Logistics Management Institute, a consultancy dedicated to improving the business of government.

What is LOML?

LOML stands for: Love Of My Life. Aww! Now that’s one acronym that’s bound to make some people seriously blush.

What does LMH mean on Instagram?


Acronym Definition
LMH Long-Term Medical Holographic Program (Star Trek)
LMH Linux Multimedia Hacks (book; O’Reilly Media)
LMH Lost Mine Hard (Aika Online)
LMH Localized Microwave Hyperthermia

What is LMI connection?

LMI is a set of signalling standards between routers and frame relay switches. Communication takes place between a router and the first frame relay switch to which it is connected. Information about keepalives, global addressing, IP Multicast and the status of virtual circuits is commonly exchanged using LMI.