What does fast approaching mean?

What does fast approaching mean?

adjectiveat hand, on the way. about to happen. approaching. brewing. close.

Is fast approaching a word?

Fast-approaching Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for fast-approaching?

imminent impending
fast approaching in store
near-at-hand upon us
expectant following
handwriting-on-the-wall immediate

How do you use fast approach in a sentence?

Elections are fast approaching. Numerous deadlines are fast approaching. The midterm elections are fast approaching. THEY are fast approaching 1m and their future is bleak.

Is it fastly approaching or vastly approaching?

As adverbs the difference between fastly and vastly is that fastly is securely or fastly can be quickly while vastly is greatly, in a vast manner.

Is fast approaching hyphenated?

Compound verbs comprised of an adjective and a noun, or a noun and a verb, are usually hyphenated: to cold-shoulder, to gift-wrap, to baby-sit. My mother’s anniversary is fast approaching and I intend to gift-wrap her present.

What is the synonym of approaching?

proceed towards, come towards, go towards, advance towards, go near, go nearer, come near, come nearer, draw near, draw nearer, come close, come closer, go close, go closer, draw close, draw closer, move near, move nearer, edge near, edge nearer, near, draw near.

What is the sentence of approach?

Approach sentence example. She didn’t hear him approach , but he sounded close. When you approach retirement, you will need to know who will step into their shoes. At dinner the talk turned on the war, the approach of which was becoming evident.

Can you say fastly?

9 Answers. There is no need for “fastly” because “fast” is both an adjective and an adverb. So, “I ran fast” is completely correct. The existence of “fast” as an adverb does not preclude the future development of a word “fastly”, but it does hinder it.

What does vast approaching mean?

vastly approaching meaning. vastly spread ocnk. vastly approaching grammar. being normal is vastly overrated quote. vastly in a sentence.

Do you hyphenate nouns or verbs?

Generally, you need the hyphen only if the two words are functioning together as an adjective before the noun they’re describing. If the noun comes first, leave the hyphen out.

What is the sentence of approaching?

1) At 60, he was now approaching retirement. 2) The approaching car’s headlights were on full beam . 3) In the far distance I saw a ride approaching. 4) They narrowly evaded a police car which was approaching.

What is the mean of approaching?

: the act of moving or becoming near or nearer to someone or something : the act of approaching : an act or occurrence in which something comes nearer. : the act of speaking to someone for some purpose (such as to ask a question or make a request)

What is the meaning of fast approaching?

fast-approaching. Adjective. About to happen. imminent. impending. approaching. coming. forthcoming. close.

Is the first day of April fast approaching?

The first of April is fast approaching, and pranksters are stocking up on hand buzzers and whoopee cushions. The end of August when playoff rosters have to be finalized is fast approaching. I have calculated it to the day and I can tell you that it is fast approaching.

What is a good synonym for approaching?

approaching. brewing. close. coming. expectant. fast-approaching. following. forthcoming. gathering.