What does Danny think the CDT is giving the injured people?

What does Danny think the CDT is giving the injured people?

From the looks of it, Danny and the other boys think that the CDT is giving the good food to the injured people so they can get better. This point is proved wrong when Ken goes to the other line, eats the food, and dies later on. Later, Charlie (friend of Danny) tells Danny that people have now started “badger-hunting”.

What is the significance of the title brother in the land?

The title “Brother in the land” a Hebrew saying is used in play script Act 2 scene9 by Branwell who comments on the situation after the death of Richard.It means that people everywhere are having to bury their loved ones.

When was brother in the land published?

Publication date. Brother in the Land is a 1984 post-apocalyptic novel by Robert E. “Bob” Swindells. It follows the adventures of a teenage boy as he fights for survival in Britain after a nuclear war has devastated the country.

What is the message of the poem brother in the land?

It also shows the realities of life, as in difficult situations, it is instinct of humans to turn to “every man for himself” and so this way even a man has to put his “brother in the land” (to kill your own kin) to survive.


What does Roy Porter say about the law and the law?

Roy Porter: The way we see it it’s all for the greater good. Sgt. Nicholas Angel: Well that’s as maybe but the laws the law and they will have to go. Roy Porter: Oh… Nicholas Angel: Cornetto. Nicholas Angel: Your a doctor deal with it. PC Danny Butterman: Yeah motherfucker.

What are some of the best PC Danny Butterman quotes?

PC Danny Butterman: Awwww… you shoulda said ‘Cool off’. Nicholas Angel: Well, you missed it earlier when I distracted him with the monkey and knocked him out and said ‘Playtime’s over’. PC Danny Butterman: You’re up the fuckin’ CHAIN! Nicholas Angel: Why is everyone here eating chocolate cake? Nicholas Angel: Leslie Tiller was fucking murdered!

What happens at the beginning of the scene with Danny and Craig?

When the scene starts, Danny is narrating his life story, and it is clear it is not a happy story (something bad WILL happen). A friend of Mary, Mrs. Troy is with her son, Craig (same age is Ben, 5 years old) and they are discussing the prices.