What does chu mean in Tibetan?

What does chu mean in Tibetan?

“Chu” (choo) is the Tibetan word for “water”, and “shi” (she) is the Tibetan word for 4.

Does Google Translate have Tibetan?

go to the google translate website and find Tibetan and select it. Then begin translating. The more you do, the closer Tibetan comes to being added as a language!

How do you say beautiful in Tibetan?

Some of the common greetings to use during your visit are:

  1. How are you – Kehrang kusu debo yinpeh.
  2. Thank you – Tuchi che.
  3. Goodbye – Kahleh phe.
  4. You are beautiful – Nying Je po duk.
  5. It’s very good – Yak po duk.

What does LA mean in Tibetan?

suffix la, the primary meaning of which, as we shall see, is equally.

What does Gaga mean in Tibetan?

噶 gá phonetic ga (used in rendering Tibetan and Mongolian sounds) Tibetan Ge: language of Buddha (dialect) final particle similar to 了[le5] (esp. in Yunnan) Example Usage.

How do you say sorry in Tibetan?

Don’t ignore those words! Sometimes it will help you an easy and pleasant trip in Tibet….Useful Tibetan Words.

English Pronunciation of Tibetan
Thank you thoo jaychay
Yes/ Ok Ong\yao
Sorry Gong ta
I don’t understand ha ko ma song

How do you say OK in Tibetan?

Tibetan Language belongs to Tibeto-Burman languages….Useful Tibetan Words.

English Pronunciation of Tibetan
Yes/ Ok Ong\yao
Sorry Gong ta
I don’t understand ha ko ma song
I understand ha ko song

How do you say moon in Tibetan?

In Tibetan culture and Sherpa culture, Dawa (Tibetan: ཟླ་བ, Wylie: zla wa; also written Tibetan: ཟླ་བ, Wylie: zla ba) is a word meaning “moon” or “month”. It is often used as a name for children born on a Monday.

How do you say monk in Tibetan?

The Tibetan word for monk is “trapa,” which means “student” or “scholar.” It is used to describe the three main categories of monastery residents: students (monks), and scholars and teachers (lamas).

What does Goo Goo Gaga mean?

Filters. (often repeated, childish) Imitation of the sound of a baby who hasn’t yet learned to speak. interjection.

What does Gagaga mean?

excessively and foolishly enthusiastic: The public went gaga over the new fashions. ardently fond; infatuated: He’s gaga over the new girl in class. demented; crazy; dotty.

How many basic Tibetan phrases to know while in Tibet?

Here are Top 100 basic Tibetan Phrases to know while in Tibet. With the help of some basic Tibetan, Phrases can light up your vacation in Tibet. We understand Learning a new language isn’t an easy task.

How do you Say Hello in Tibetan?

When travelling in Tibet, you might wanna greet local Tibetan people and have a short chat with them. The following are some common Tibetan greeting words teach you how to greet Tibetan people. See more at useful Tibetan words. Hello! Tah-shi de-leh. How are you? Keh-rahng ku-su de-bo yin-peh? I’m fine. La yin. Ngah snug-po de-bo yin.

How do you write a sentence in Tibetan?

In Tibetan language the structure of the sentence is: subject + object + verb The verb is always at the end. Example: I am Pema = nga Pe -ma yin I – Pema – am this is a book = di teb re this – book – is Tenzin is in Tibet = Ten -zin P ö la du Tenzin – Tibet – in – is.

What to do in Tibet without a tour guide?

Also able to speak to the merchant in foreign sounding Tibetan will not only help you in getting the desired price, also you will be able to make some joy in shopping. The restaurant and Cafes are another places every traveler would want to go by their own self without the tour Guide.