What does a 40 mph wind mean?

What does a 40 mph wind mean?

A High Wind Warning means that sustained winds of 40 mph for one hour and/or frequent gusts of at least 58 mph are occurring or expected within the next 36 hours. Winds this strong may damage trees, power lines and small structures. Likewise, what damage can 50 mph winds?

What damage can 40 mph winds cause?

What damage can 40 mph winds cause? Wind Speed Estimation Wind Speed Estimation Description 32 – 38 27.8 – 33 Whole trees in motion; inconvenience fel 39 – 46 33.9 – 40 Breaks twigs off trees; wind generally i 47 – 54 40.8 – 47 Slight structural damage occurs Severe begins at 58 mph Severe begins at 50.4

What happens if you fall into 25 mph water?

Water moving at 25 mph has the pressure equivalent of wind blowing at 790 mph, faster than the speed of sound. Six inches of flowing water can drown a person. If you slip and fall face first, you might drown before you come to. Babies/small children are very vulnerable; just as they would be in a bathtub accident.

What happens when a hurricane hits 40 mph?

At 40 mph, branches start to rip off trees, even “well-secured branches,” said James B. Elsner, a geography professor at Florida State University who studies hurricanes. Heading toward 50 mph, shingles can tear off roofs, Elsner said, and eaves can lift and blow away, “especially on weaker structures like sunrooms.”