What do you call something that sticks out of something?

What do you call something that sticks out of something?

projection. noun. something that sticks out from a surface.

What are synonyms for stick out?

synonyms for stick out

  • bulge.
  • bulge out.
  • jut out.
  • poke out.
  • protrude.
  • stand out.
  • beetle.
  • come through.

What does it mean for something to stick out?

Definition of stick out intransitive verb. 1a : to jut out : project. b : to be prominent or conspicuous. 2 : to be persistent (as in a demand or an opinion)

What is a word for something that stands out?

to be noticeable because of looking different. Every tree, wall and fence stood out against dazzling white fields. Synonyms. be conspicuous. be striking.

What is it called when letters stick out?

initialisms. Abbreviations that use the first letter of each word in a phrase are sometimes referred to as initialisms. (Note that abbreviations include shortened words like “esp.” for “especially” as well as shortened phrases.) Summing up: An abbreviation is a shortening of a word or a phrase.

How do you say stick out?

sticking out

  1. bagging,
  2. ballooning,
  3. beetling,
  4. bellying,
  5. billowing,
  6. bulging,
  7. bunching,
  8. jutting,

What is the meaning of stuck out?

to go past the surface or edge of something: Paul’s ears stick out a little. There was a handkerchief sticking out of his jacket pocket. There was a packet of something sticking out of his pocket.

What does stick in mean?

Verb. 1. stick in – insert casually; “She slipped in a reference to her own work” slip in, sneak in, insert. add, append, supply – state or say further; “`It doesn’t matter,’ he supplied”

How do you use stick out in a sentence?

She sighed, resigned to the fact that she would stick out no matter what she wore. She paused before him, resisting the instinct to stick out her hand for a handshake. The tappet adjuster would stick out and look odd, so I had some more thinking to do. Playfully stick out your tongue at a friend.

What’s a word for eye catching?

What is another word for eye-catching?

arresting striking
awesome remarkable
sensational staggering
surprising astonishing
bodacious bold

What is a big word for stand out?

To project from a surface. bulge. jut. project. protrude.

What is similar to an anagram?

Semordnilaps (coined by Martin Gardner in 1961) are also known as backronyms, volvograms, heteropalindromes, semi-palindromes, half-palindromes, reversgrams, mynoretehs, recurrent palindromes, reversible anagrams, word reversals, or anadromes.