What college did Anna Deavere Smith go to?

What college did Anna Deavere Smith go to?

American Conservatory Theater1977
Arcadia University1971Western High School
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Where is Anna Deavere Smith from?

Baltimore, MD
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What did Anna Deavere Smith do?

Anna Deavere Smith is an actress, playwright, teacher, and author. She is credited with creating a new form of theater. Her most recent original work, Notes from the Field, looks at the vulnerability of youth, the criminal justice system, and contemporary activism.

Who played Nancy McNally?

Anna Deavere SmithThe West Wing
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Anna Deavere Smith is a Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize-nominated American actress, playwright, and professor who played Nancy McNally on The West Wing. She is best known for her one-woman shows, which are classified as “documentary theatre”.

Where does Lynn Nottage teach?

Columbia University
Brooklyn, New York, U.S. Lynn Nottage (born 1964) is an American playwright whose work often deals with the lives of marginalized people. She is a professor of playwriting at Columbia University.

How long is Fires in the Mirror?

Approximately 95 minutes
RUN TIME: Approximately 95 minutes including a 15 minute intermission. CONTENT TRANSPARENCY: Fires In The Mirror catalogs reflections of the Crown Heights Riots, a racially-charged conflict that engulfed the New York neighborhood in 1991.

Who played rainbows mom on blackish?

Tika Sumpter
Tika Sumpter is heading to Black-ish. The actress will play Rainbow’s mom in a throwback episode that could act as a launchpad for a spin-off. It was reported last month that ABC was considering producing a Black-ish prequel, which would focus on Rainbow’s life in the 80s and 90s.

Who is Nancy in West Wing?

Renée Estevez
Nancy (Renée Estevez): President’s Confidential Assistant (Seasons 1–7). Estevez is the daughter of Martin Sheen, who plays the President.

When did Lynn Nottage get married?

In the late 1990s Nottage took several years off, except for writing A Walk Through Time, a children’s musical, in 2000. She married Tony Gerber, a filmmaker, and the couple had a daughter, Ruby.

How old is Lynn Nottage?

57 years (November 2, 1964)
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How many actors are in Fires in the Mirror?

Through the words of 26 different people, in 29 monologues, Smith explores how and why these people signaled their identities, how they perceived and responded to people different from themselves, and how barriers between groups can be breached.

Which historical event did Anna Deavere Smith explore in her first documentary drama Fires in the Mirror?

Her play “Fires in the Mirror” examined the Crown Heights riots in Brooklyn (1991), when racial tensions between black and Jewish neighbors exploded. It received an Obie Award, numerous other awards and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. She performed the play around the U.S., in London and in Australia.

How old is Anna Deavere Smith now?

Anna Deavere Smith. Smith in 2009. Anna Deavere Smith (born September 18, 1950) is an American actress, playwright, and professor. She is known for her roles as National Security Advisor Dr. Nancy McNally in The West Wing (2000–06), and as hospital administrator Gloria Akalitus in the Showtime series Nurse Jackie (2009–15).

How old was Anna Smith in 2009?

Smith in 2009. Anna Deavere Smith (born September 18, 1950) is an American actress, playwright, and professor.

What was Anne Smith’s childhood like?

Smith was raised in a racially segregated middle-class section of Baltimore. She was a shy child who nonetheless developed a talent for mimicry.

How many brothers and sisters does Joanna Smith have?

Smith was born in Baltimore, Maryland, the daughter of Anna Rosalind (née Young), an elementary school principal, and Deaver Young Smith, Jr., a coffee merchant. She has four younger siblings. Smith is an alumna of the historic Western High School.