What clarinet brand is best?

What clarinet brand is best?

  • #1. Buffet Crampon R13 Professional Bb Clarinet.
  • #2. Yamaha YCL-650 Pro Clarinet.
  • #3. Yamaha YCL-CSVR Series.
  • #4. Yamaha YCL450 Clarinet with Nickel Keys.
  • #5. Buffet Crampon Tosca Bb Clarinet.

How much does a decent clarinet cost?

Beginner clarinets usually range in cost from $500 to $1100. Intermediate, or step-up clarinets usually range in cost $1,300 to $2,800 and entry level pro clarinets (still largely played by advanced students) around $2000 and up.

What clarinets do professionals use?

Which Clarinets Do Professional Clarinet Players Play?

  • Yamaha YCL CSVR Professional Bb Clarinet.
  • P. Mauriat PCL721 Professional Bb Clarinet.
  • Buffet Crampon R13 Professional Bb Clarinet.
  • Selmer Paris Signature Professional Bb Clarinet.
  • Backun Q Series Bb Soprano Clarinet.

What is the most commonly used clarinet?

The Bb clarinet, or soprano clarinet in Bb, is a Bb instrument, obviously. As stated earlier, it is the most popular in the clarinet family. It’s used in all styles of music.

What clarinet should a beginner buy?

The 5 Best Beginner Clarinet Reviews

1. Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet
2. Gemeinhardt 2CN1 Student Bb Clarinet
3. Yamaha YCL-255 Standard Bb
4. Jupiter JCL-700N
5. Buffet Crampon E11 Bb Wood Clarinet

Is a Bundy clarinet good?

It is a longtime favorite of band programs and beginning and intermediate musicians eveywhere. With a Boehm keywork system which places tone holes at acoustically optimum points, the Bundy Clarinet provides a superb sound and easy playability-ideal for the student musician.

How much is a new Yamaha clarinet?

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What is a good beginner clarinet?

Best 5 Clarinets for Beginners

  • Nuvo Clarineo C Clarinet – Best for Younger Players.
  • Montreux Student Clarinet – Best for on a Budget.
  • Buffet Prodige Bb Clarinet – Best for Quality with Style.
  • Yamaha YCL255S – Best for Premium Brand Model.
  • Jupiter JCL700Q-S – Best all Rounder.

What is the difference between a student clarinet and a professional clarinet?

Student models are constructed to provide a good playing experience while a student is learning the instrument. While student models can last for many years, professional models tend to have a longer lifespan. If you’re concerned about the high price of a professional instrument, think of it as a long-term investment.

What is the difference between A and B flat clarinet?

What is the difference between the B flat and A clarinets? The Bb clarinet is the main clarinet, used in both bands and orchestras. The A clarinet is a slightly longer clarinet with a darker tone and half-step deeper pitch, used almost exclusively as an orchestral and solo instrument.

Which clarinet is biggest?

octocontrabass clarinet
The octocontrabass clarinet (also known as octo-contrabass or subcontrabass clarinet) is the largest, longest, and lowest playing member of the clarinet family. It is pitched an octave below the contrabass clarinet, or three octaves lower than the standard B♭ soprano clarinet. It stood at near 8 foot 2 inches (2.49 m).

Are cheap clarinets any good?

Best Brands of Budget Clarinets Mendini is a favorite when it comes to clarinets that cost under $100. It comes with everything you need to get started, a few extra accessories, and a choice between multiple colors. Jean Paul USA is another cheap clarinet brand that many people recommend.