What area does Alton Towers come under?

What area does Alton Towers come under?

Alton Towers is the largest theme park in the UK, spanning 910 acres of land in central Staffordshire.

Is Alton Towers in the West Midlands?

Alton Towers – Theme Park in STOKE-ON-TRENT, West Midlands – Meet Birmingham.

What county is Thorpe Park in?

Thorpe Park Resort, commonly known as Thorpe Park, is an amusement park located in the village of Thorpe between the towns of Chertsey and Staines-upon-Thames in Surrey, England. It is operated and owned by Merlin Entertainments and includes rides, themed cabins, live events and Stealth, the UK’s fastest rollercoaster.

Is Alton Towers in London?

Alton Towers Resort, often shortened to Alton Towers, is a theme park resort located in Staffordshire, England, near the village of Alton. The resort, which is operated by Merlin Entertainments Group, incorporates a water park and hotel complex.

What area is Thorpe Park?

THORPE PARK Resort is located in Chertsey, Surrey and within easy reach of London. From the M25 take junctions 11 or 13* and follow A320 to THORPE PARK. Before you travel, check out the very latest travel news with Highways England, or use Google maps to find a route.

What is the scariest ride at Alton Towers?

Top 6 Thrill-Rides at Alton Towers Resort

  • The Wicker Man. The newest ride to open at Alton Towers Resort is also top of our favourites list.
  • Nemesis.
  • Oblivion.
  • TH13TEEN.
  • Blade.
  • Rita.

Is Alton Towers open in December?

Alton Towers Theme Park is open from March until November every year. The theme park closes for the Winter season around the start of November. Throughout selected dates in November and December we offer magical a Christmas Day Out including the brand new for 2021 – Lightopia lantern and light trail.

Does Merlin own Thorpe Park?

This latest deal marks the largest change in ownership for the attractions since Merlin Entertainments acquired the Tussauds Group back in 2007 which brought the likes of Alton Towers Resort, Thorpe Park Resort, Chessington World of Adventures Resort, and Madame Tussauds under the same ownership as the LEGOLAND® Parks …

Is Thorpe Park bigger than Alton Towers?

The Verdict Taking just the big roller coasters and rides into account, it is clear that Alton Towers and Thorpe Park both have a lot to offer. However, taking all the other factors into account, it becomes apparent that Alton Towers is the finer theme park currently.

Who owned Alton Towers?

Nick Leslau
Alton Towers/Owners

How much does Alton Towers make a day?

This means it makes an average of £464,000 a day – though this will be higher during the summer months. The two days that the park has closed so far will therefore have cost it close to £1million in lost fees.

Is Thorpe Park part of London?

THORPE PARK Resort is located in Chertsey, Surrey and within easy reach of London.

Who is Alton Towers Resort owned by?

Alton Towers Resort is part of the Merlin Entertainments family. Merlin are “serious about fun” and dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences. Alton Towers was originally owned by the Earl of Shrewsbury and the Talbot family.

Where is Alton Towers in Staffordshire?

Location within Staffordshire. Alton Towers is a former country estate located near the village of Alton in Staffordshire, England. It was a former seat of the Earls of Shrewsbury. It is now a major theme park in the United Kingdom. The area around Alton Towers has been occupied for more than a thousand years.

What are the Alton Towers theme park areas?

The Alton Towers Theme Park is divided into areas: Towers Street, Mutiny Bay, Katanga Canyon, Gloomy Wood, Forbidden Valley, Dark Forest, The Gardens, The Towers, Cloud Cuckoo Land, X-Sector and CBeebies Land.

Is Alton Towers a real castle?

Alton Towers Resort has been a world-renowned haven of fun and adventure for almost 200 years! Despite what you may think, the castle-like structure in the heart of the theme park isn’t fake and isn’t a castle – It’s 100% authentic and was once the stately home of a wealthy family.