What are the synonyms of prize?

What are the synonyms of prize?


  • award,
  • blue ribbon,
  • decoration,
  • distinction,
  • honor,
  • kudo,
  • plume,
  • What is better than a prize?

    Prize Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for prize?

    award reward
    accolade honorUS
    honourUK premium
    medal distinction
    decoration trophy

    What is rewarded synonym?

    synonyms for rewarded

    • compensated.
    • recompensed.
    • remunerated.
    • repaid.
    • satisfied.

    What is a synonym for first prize?

    A medal awarded to someone finishing in first place in a competition. gold. gold medal. first place. medal.

    What’s another word for prize winning?

    In this page you can discover 11 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for award-winning, like: , , world-renowned, acclaimed, BAFTA-winning, critically-acclaimed, renowned, , unrivalled, excellent and null.

    Is it prize or Prise?

    Price means ‘the amount of money you pay to buy something’: The price of a hotel room includes breakfast in some countries. Prize means something you win in a competition or game: The first prize in the competition was a week’s holiday in California.

    What’s another word for grand prize?

    What is another word for grand prize?

    holy grail crowning glory
    pot of gold ultimate goal
    crowning achievement

    What’s the difference between price and prize?

    The price /praɪs/ of something is the amount of money that you must pay to buy it. A prize /praɪz/ is something given to someone for winning a competition or game, or for doing good work. …

    What’s after grand prize?

    Hierarchical prizes, where the best award is “first prize”, “grand prize”, or “gold medal”. Subordinate awards are “second prize”, “third prize”, etc., or “first runner-up” and “second runner-up”, etc., or “silver medal” and “bronze medal”. (In some contests, “grand prize” is more desirable than “first prize”.)

    How do you say someone won an award?

    synonyms for award-winning

    1. outstanding.
    2. topnotch.
    3. champion.
    4. choice.
    5. cream.
    6. elite.
    7. fat.
    8. pick.

    What is the meaning of prize winning?

    Definition of prizewinning : having won or of a quality to win a prize a prizewinning design.