What are the long term effects of using marijuana?

What are the long term effects of using marijuana?

Long Term Effects of Marijuana. When used chronically, marijuana can cause long-term health complications in the lungs, heart and brain. People who began using the drug during adolescence are at an increased risk for prolonged health problems, including marijuana addiction.

How does long-term pot puffing affect the body?

Scientists don’t how long-term pot puffing affects the body, but there are studies that suggest it can cause several health problems over time. For instance, preliminary animal and human studies suggest smoking marijuana can put a damper on the immune system.

What are the effects of marijuana on adolescence?

This isn’t to say that marijuana causes this issue, but it can be a risk factor. Cognitive impairment: Frequent marijuana use during adolescence has been linked to lower IQs. Less satisfaction and achievement: Chronic marijuana use may increase feelings of depression or anxiety.

How does marijuana affect your memory?

Researchers found that the longer (and more chronically) study participants used marijuana, the more abnormal the shape of their hippocampus, resulting in poor long-term memory. 3  Does Marijuana Really Cause Damage to the Brain?

Approximately 1 in 10 people who use marijuana will become addicted. When they start before age 18, the rate of addiction rises to 1 in 6. Marijuana use can have negative and long-term effects: Brain health: Marijuana can cause permanent IQ loss of as much as 8 points when people start using it at a young age.

What are the effects of marijuana on memory?

Research has shown that marijuana’s negative effects on attention, memory, and learning can last for days or weeks after the acute effects of the drug wear off, depending on the person’s history with the drug. 53 Consequently, someone who smokes marijuana daily may be functioning at a reduced intellectual level most or all of the time.

Is marijuana use becoming more dangerous?

At the same time, the perception of how harmful marijuana use can be is declining. Increasingly, young people today do not consider marijuana use a risky behavior. But there are real risks for people who use marijuana, especially youth and young adults, and women who are pregnant or nursing.

What are the effects of marijuana on teens’ brains?

But using pot heavily, especially in your teen years, may leave more permanent effects. Imaging tests with some — but not all — adolescents found that marijuana may physically change their brains.